Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On Food and Beyond

A fantastic documentary on food emphasizing quality, sustainability, flavor and creativity. A visual delight to watch in terms of the culinary creations presented. The movie also features some outstanding chefs across the world, who are truly artists par excellence. Their artistry, passion, dedication, enthusiasm, perseverance and energy to prepare exquisite food and their commitment to quality ingredients is awe inspiring. In the process they also address the most important aspects of food and food production – locally grown and harvested, fresh and sustainable.  Their ability to not compromise and to see beyond the (monetary) bottom lines is truly commendable. These are fine dining chefs and the food they prepare are like fine art – exquisite and often inaccessible to ordinary folks, which is rather unfortunate. The show also features the personal stories of these chefs, mostly from humble beginnings, talking about their struggles and failures and how all that influenced their cooking and motivated them to keep going. The show is a unique one, not limited to food but goes beyond it, serving you important life lessons, leaving you with the realization that we are all part of this web of life. And compromising one may compromise all it’s other linked parts.

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