Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Come Back

Hi! whoever is reading this. I don't know how many come backs I have made to this blog but here is to another attempt. Lack of motivation and general laziness are the two reasons why I take these looong pauses. I am done with formal schooling (for the time being) and feel grown up enough to be formally employed, draw a (small) salary and receive some decent benefits. Having said that I do miss the carefree days of being a student. Yes, interestingly those days seem carefree in comparison. Anyways long story short, I have relocated to a new place, working and interacting with a new set of people and so far its been good. I hope to be creative, constructive, cooperative and collaborative to the best of my ability. I am also hoping my income remains decent enough that it allows me some pleasures and indulgences and ultimately I am happy along with the rest of humanity and the world. Ah! simple wishes.