Friday, April 05, 2013

Can't Wait

So guess what? I was checking out one of my favorite blogs and I read the NEWS!!
Before midnight is going to be released soon..well in May this year. The third in the series.
I want to flip and do somersaults or just jump up and down with joy (more likely). Thats how excited I am. And after watching the trailer it looks like they are married and together after that chance encounter in a train many years ago!!! Enduring lovely is that!?!

And here is the trailer (love the french song in the background).

My favorite quote from the trailer " Sometimes I feel you are breathing helium and I am breathing oxygen". hee

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Documentary Movies

I seriously have a lot of work to finish. But the idea of lot of work ironically slows me down. I wait and procrastinate in misery knowing very well the work load is indirectly proportional to time.
But despite such clarity the mind refuses to act. Then as a lame attempt to feel useful and busy or basically avoid the guilt of wasting time on trivial pursuits, I watch documentary movies. I convince (have convinced) myself how watching documentaries, not only increases my awareness on issues or things that matter but also I do not pass out from boredom.
And so long story short I watched two documentaries last and this week, both fascinating and highly recommended. Here is a short clip/promo for the two movies.

This one is Kumare. I thought it was quite interesting except I wonder why he had to do the fake Indian accent. That was unnecessary. I mean there are many who speak proper English in India, without  heavy accents!

This one is The Highest Pass. It is about this fabulous road trip by 7 travelers on Royal Enfields from Rishikesh to Khardungla pass (supposedly the highest motorable road in the world at 18,380 ft) via Manali and Leh. Watching the documentary gave me goosebumps and the thrills. Wish I get the opportunity and the courage to go on one. There was a spiritual component too which I felt was not very convincing.

I guess I must try and get back to work now and get something done before I drift into another daydream or stumble upon another fascinating documentary movie.