Friday, July 27, 2012

My Late Night Rendezvous

After a really really really ( I could add a few more really for emphasis on the length of time..but I think you get my point) long time I chatted with someone. Yes, chat--as in gmail chat. I mean--isn't chat kind of outdated these days, what with skype and all kinds of modern technology that I do not keep track of. I chatted with my friend R and it was a marathon chat. I think we started talking around 6:30 in the evening and it went on till 12:30 early  morning with a half hr break for dinner. And what did we talk about?  My friend's first love, in 7th std!!!??Yes, the same time I was going around reading Enid Blytons, watching Tom & Jerry & Spider Man and playing super heros & villains with my neighbor/school/family friends. There were three of us. Me and the boy would always be the super girl  and boy respectively and his sister was always the damsel in distress that needed rescuing. And thus, while my per-adolescent years were spent chasing imaginary villains, dragons, within an apartment complex that too (think of the ingenuity needed to play super hero games in such sterile settings) and dreaming of being part of the famous five team (although I must admit I had a teeny bit crush on Julian ( the older brother in the famous five group,which also implies all hope was not lost), in another part of the world, at a corresponding age, although much later in life (since my friend is younger than me) someone was falling desperately in love.

I mean really, nothing half or quarter exciting has happened in my life compared to my friend's life. And guess what?-the story is far from over. He took about  1hr just to get to the point when he first laid his eyes on her- exasperating!! And for someone who is (a teeeeny bit) impatient as me-my self control to not scream at him or break the laptop was exemplary- solely due to the fact that I really like this guy. He is a good soul and super cool! If you want to know where we are at the story--well so far their eyes have found each other,  exchanging stolen glances and sweet smiles. And remember,ALL this is happening in 7th Grade! The rest of the story awaits another day/ night to be narrated...whenever time permits. God give me patience. late night rendezvous has left me rather groggy and tired- no pun intended. But it has also left me reminiscing my young childhood, pre/post adolescent days. My days of playing super heros and chasing dragons did not last forever and post adolescence like any self respecting teenager at the time, I had my share of crushes and "subjects of affection".  All my crushes, secret loves, heros--where ever you all are, stay well. You were all lovely--except for  maybe one or two and may you rot...nooooo just kidding. In the end as some "idiot" said  All izz Well- after all we come alone and go alone..

Ok, so it was not what you thought when I said late night rendezvous. And as always I may have tricked you into reading my post using cheeky titles. But it was not all dull and boring...or was it?.

And hey...listen to the new, cool song posted on the side bar. It goes Mel Mel Mel..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Love You..

..Best words man ever invented.Such harmless words, yet we are always so paranoid over using them. I have nothing much to say today. Listening to an old, favorite song- a love song that is pretty straightforward and simple. The way it should be.


PS Dated Wednesday, July 25, 2012 :

I also like overly dramatic, utterly poetic, emotional, complicated (as in complicated situation and complicated vocabs where one needs to be a language expert to fully understand what is said/sung) tugging at the heart, melodic/ incredibly sweet sounding love songs too. Just depends on the frame of mind.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ramblings-On Weather and Other Nothings

Lovely day today. Got up pretty early as usual. Its lovely to be alone, early morning, when its still dark outside and everyone is still sleeping and yet technically you know its morning and so you don't have to be really scared of the dark. There is this small routine that I follow and after I have made myself some tea I switch on my comp. I know..ideally I should be sitting outside enjoying the dawn..but as I said its still pretty dark outside and so....

I do a quick email/message check and then proceed to check out a couple of my favorite blogs.
Before you know time has sped by and then its a mad rush to get to the campus. Well..normally that's how it is. Today however I was off the comp earlier than usual. So got dressed and left for the Uni.

I usually catch the bus but decided to walk today. As I said the weather was lovely...just the way I like it- downcast and windy. Perfect for an early morning walk and you also don't reach your office all tired and sweaty.

The weather here is pretty similar to weather back in my home town..although it does not get as humid here because of the constant trade winds . When I was home this time, somedays the weather got pretty brutal. Before the rains and even in between the rains--if the sun is up and shining it did not take much for me to wilt from all the heat and sweating. Sometimes the jeep we traveled in had air conditioning and I would ask if it can be turned on. I was teased quite a bit for that but it was hard to explain how our body gets adjusted to a certain climatic condition and when you are thrown into a different setting it really drains you of all the energy rather quickly. And trust me the humidity and the heat was so intense, it tires you pretty fast. Its not that I cannot rough it out--I can and I have. But when the option (a.k.a. an AC ) is there right in front of you I would prefer to use it than not. As much as I hate to waste energy and as much as I want to reduce my carbon footprints on this planet..I also feel I am much less productive passed out from exhaustion or even dead. Pardon me but that was my lame attempt at dry humor!

Went off on a tangent there. So much work to be done. More sensible stuff laterzzzz.


A friend asked..

'Everyday if I wait eagerly for a certain time to hear a certain voice, is that madness or love or both or simply a habit?' Hmm....who knows.

But in this context this Rumi quote makes a lot of sense to me.

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love” ― Rumi

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Home-land

Anyone who has been reading the last few posts in this blog may have guessed by now that I was off on a trip of some kind. I expected it to be just another boring field trip that involved lot of traveling, set backs, panic emails to professors back at the univ and more boring field trips. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong( except for the few panic emails that were sent) and I am not sure what the gods are up to for throwing me into such circumstances...but, I am not complaining.
Honestly I have never felt closer to home as much as I felt this time. Maybe because I traveled to places where reality is more evident, simplicity is a way of life and pretensions are scarce. Add to that the gorgeousness of the land! There is nothing much you can do but surrender to what you feel.
This is only a glimpse of what I am trying to say and hardly do any justice but still. Also, I mentioned sharing some images in one of my earlier posts. So here goes...

The roads much traveled..

Gushing streams--a common sight especially once the monsoons started..

Fishing- a way of life.

Thanks to someone I got to ride in one of these indigenous rafts. One heck of an experience I tell you!

And as you go higher up, the mist and the constant drizzle envelopes you..

Breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley below.

Didn't I tell you about the mist..One of my favorite spots. Away from all the madness..I wanted to give up everything, pitch a tent and live here.

Now you understand why its tough to move on...

More pictures on the lovely folks I met, later. Also I promise to get back to my boring, University life soon. I just need to settle down a bit and adjust to everything new and beautiful and interesting that has hit me. Until then please bear with me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Frame of Mind

In between all the research, and reading and writing, stuck in a frame of mind that is both exciting and exhausting. I am seriously tired of dreaming and I just want things to happen. Patience clearly is not my forte. And then there are the doubts too which crop up ceaselessly. Meanwhile, listening to sweet, cliched ( read "meaningful" and "deep" just this once) hindi songs does not help at all. Talk about self-torture and feeling unhappy!

"Orey manva tu to bavra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai bavre
Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte
Jo barse sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Kaise main chaloon, dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raastein.."
Src: Iktara-OST Wake Up Sid

Yes, I should totally do something to cheer me up or drill some sense into me or perhaps both.

(PS: I may have started off my post making tall claims but really, in between all the dreaming and doubts and music I have not been doing much research or reading or writing. I am only human after all).

Thursday, July 12, 2012


When I see these pictures I feel so much love....its almost unreal overwhelming. We call her Nila and she is just precious.

Nila kaigirathu..neerem theigirathu..
yaarum rasikevilaiyea...
Intha kangal matoom unnai kaanum..
The Moon is shining,The time is passing,
oh, but nobody is enjoying it.
Yet, these eyes will see you (my eyes).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unquenchable Desires

If the title sounds like the title of some passionate romance novel then my apologies for misleading you.

I am back at the Univ after a reasonably long, hectic field work and I would be lying if I don't admit how bone tired I am. The schedule has been rather grueling thanks to my prof who showed up towards the end of my field work and tagged me along to everywhere he went. I am not saying it came as a surprise as that was part of the plan.But the fact was, I was not super enthusiastic about tagging along; and when you are not enthusiastic your tiredness simply intensifies. And if you ask the reason for my lack of enthusiasm- well, all I wanted to do was to stay put and be with some people I had met during my "jungle sojourn". Needless to say, I was (still am) pretty heartbroken to have been separated without much ceremony or grace period and I would give anything to be back with them.My last couple of posts have been emphasizing these facts and I may be beginning to sound like a broken record. Apologies again.

Anyways, cribbing or incessantly apologizing was not the point of this post. The point was to share my new experiences on traveling. It has and will always remain important to me and all this time whatever traveling I have done has mostly been alone. I finally came across some folks who share a similar fascination for what traveling offers and let me tell you having somebody like that for company simply multiplies the pleasure of it. Long back I blogged about writing my own motorcycle diaries and I hold on to that dream with renewed faith and enthusiasm. And not that I need inspiration but just for the heck of it I am watching motorcycle diaries for the nth time. Stealing a couple of words from the movie--

"The further I went I could feel the world changing ....or maybe it was me".

So,have I changed?- Yes I have. I would like to say for the better as only then you meet better people. I am not implying that the people I have met previously or the friends I made are not good..but perhaps I was not good enough.
What has not changed?- My desire to travel. I think it remains unquenchable. Now for the next opportunity and to save up for the same..hmmm...long wait! One of those rare moments when I wish my last name was an Ambani or Gates. Actually no...having no money and slogging to make that money makes my journeys more worth while. Signing out on that note.