Thursday, June 28, 2012

Matters of The Heart and The Mind

I am back from my trips and heading back to civilization…beg your pardon… heading back to the uncivilized, uncouth, ruthless world. If I sound emotional…it’s because l am.

Refer my previous post and I stand by it. Despite the craziness and hardships there was excitement and fun and loads of happiness around. It is true when they say even the worst of situations seem tolerable and worthwhile if you are with people you adore, people you love. Didn’t I say I was in the company of some amazing folks and I seriously wish I could be with them forever...keep them with me, as mine. That may sound very selfish and self-indulgent- qualities I try my best to shun…but the silly heart has its unbounded ways. Perhaps I need to apply my mind more. Until then I feel they belong to me, in an undefined sort of way. Yes, undefined. Do we need to be accurate and specific as to what we are for someone or someone for us? In this case I don’t think I could, even if I tried.

Anyways, reality has its bitter ways as always and here I am, very far from them all, missing them desperately, wanting to be with them. My heart instigates me to do silly things while my mind remains sickeningly pragmatic. Wonder if they will ever meet-my heart and mind? Until then I remain torn. Ha! Matters of the heart and mind- rather complex or perhaps I am complicating it? I don’t know. But what I know for sure is-I plan to upload a few pictures just to make you all a bit jealous. No, not really…what I meant to say was -to make you feel inspired. And trust me you will be…the awesomeness of the forest and its people are such.

PS: This is a special post in many ways. For one, I am posting this in train, passing through some gorgeous, rain soaked landscapes of Karnataka. As for the other reasons, they must remain personal:)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Being Away

I am away from all the hustle and bustle. A place quiet in many ways yet if you pay attention you just might hear a beautiful symphony. I am at the Ghats, talking to people, breathing in the sickeningly fresh air( yep sarcasm/oxymoron ..whatever you want to call it)and trying to learn new things.The task has not been easy but the journey has been fun, incredible, full of surprises, with danger lurking in the corner (as in wildlife encounter of some kind)and in the company of some amazing, kindred souls.
I want this to go one for ever but as said by some utterly pessimistic person-"all good things come to an end" and so I am trying to get into that mode.It will happen..not yet, but soon. Until then my fabulous journey continues.
Internet access has been sparse but the last two days with some access possible I am using the opportunity to scribble in my blog and share these two beautiful people- beautiful in every sense of the word.
R giving killer looks while holding Miss CUTE little bundle