Friday, March 30, 2012

Post-Operative Ramblings

My recovery has been pretty good considering all that happened. The wound is still a bit raw and makes me groan and flinch in pain but nothing unbearable.
Survived (no, surviving) a surgery that went from routine to difficult and complicated. The doc had said 2 hrs of surgery , 1-2hrs in recovery and post surgery room and back home by evening to rest and recuperate. Instead, 5 hours of surgery, with (unanticipated) extensive blood loss, a falling BP and two days in critical care later, here I am, still alive, trying to get back to normal. Until a few days ago I had just enough energy to sit up in bed and eat, with a helping hand needed for everything. K has been tremendous with that helping hand and seriously no words to express how/what I feel about it.
The medical leave is for about 2 weeks and being the restless person (putting it mildly) that I am, staying put in bed has not been the easiest. But then considering the shooting pain and other bodily discomforts one experiences after a surgery, there were not many options other than staying put in bed. And so, to keep boredom at bay ( i.e. whenever my heavily medicated, drugged body/mind was alert enough to register 'I am bored!'- I read, I watched and I listened to the following and I recommend them too.Well, except for the French Lover. It did not reach my expectation. The author is a feminist writer and I expected the central female character to be portrayed as a strong woman. Instead she was portrayed as a victim at the hands of the various men appearing in her life and worst of all, to me it appeared as though she allowed it to happen even though she did not come across as that vulnerable! Not inspiring at all!!!
All said, it is a translation and perhaps some of the ideas or emotions were lost in translation or perhaps I just did not get it :).

Anyways, everything else in the list comes highly recommended (except for my I-pod)

French Lover
The Beautiful and the Damned: A Portrait of the New India
The Glass Palace (still reading)
Siddharth (pretty good visuals!)
50/50 (lovely movie)
Extreme Ice- NOVA (awesome!)
My I-Pod

Just to sum up- net gains so far-

Health regained (almost) *touchwood*
Almost 14 days of doing "nothing"
Almost 15lbs body weight loss (perks from surgery gone wrong?)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Path to Recovery

Post surgery, confined to bed, in my PJs all day, doing whatever possible to keep boredom at bay, when not in medicated slumber.
More ramblings later.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Somebody posted this on facebook. If there is any truth in this image then I am a believer and I am catching that train! Breathtaking! isn't it?

This is supposed to be the Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Thunderstorms, Sprained back, Crowded desk, French Lover, November Rain and Vegetarian Food- It's My Life!(as in the song)

Sorry if it appears too coded..but really it ain't. Simply read and it is what it is.
Going under the knife soon. "Up for maintenance" is how everyone teases me.

More laters, hopefully.

PS: Please watch Anuradha Sengupta's interview ("Beautiful People") with Amitav Ghosh (the man who took me to Sundarbans). Interesting conversation to say the least. It's on youtube.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

An Afternoon Jaunt

My last visit to jew town (at Kochi) was when I was 14years old and now after ALLL these years I went again, one afternoon with my friend who was visiting from Mumbai for her brother's wedding. To be honest, I was more enthusiastic about the antique stores and emporiums lined along the street than the piece of history the place is known for.

The place has an old world charm and with more western tourists than locals you forget you are in Kochi for a few seconds. Anyhows ..sharing a couple of pictures taken from my friend's iphone as I (as always) forgot to take my camera!

The clock tower next to the synagogue

A part of a dilapidated structure on Jew street

Hanging elephants: A shop display

Caught the sunset from a friend's apartment balcony @ Ernakulam