Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Predictable title and a long rambling post. Nothing defines BORING better than this to me. But, if you are here, then go on, take a risk :). whats the latest at my end? Well....

The school may be closed for winter break, but here I'm, typing this post at work. I had to come in everyday this week, and work double time too! The department that I work for is kind of an important department within the University system and cannot afford to be closed down for the entire winter break. So we are open, running on a "skeleton crew". This means, those like me, at the bottom most rung of the organizational ladder are expected to show up everyday and those higher and above get to take turns. Actually, it is not as pathetic as I am making it out to be . With my upcoming travels next week, I will be off work for almost 3 weeks and I volunteered to work double time to make up for my absent days.

Work has been slow too. It was a bit hectic the first couple of days but since then it's slowed down so much that all I did (well mostly what I did) was read blogs and work on some teeny bit of school related work.

The lab party that I mentioned in my previous post went quite well. Our prof showed up late as he was stuck in a meeting at the other end of town. After a couple of phone calls from us to him we made a unanimous decision to start without him. It was definitely a better plan than passing out from hunger! expected, the food was spectacular!-

Biryani made by our Pakistani lab mate,
Baba ganoush and Hummus w/ Pita bread by our Iraqi lab mate,
Aloo Gobi by our Nepali lab mate,
Ahi-poke bought by one of our American lab mates and the drinks was on the other and "Tandoori" chicken with green pepper by yours truly.

Delicious would be an insufficient word to describe the dishes..except for the Ahipoke (which is basically raw, fresh tuna marinated in different sauces). Since I do not eat raw meat of any kind I do not know first hand on how good it was but seeing my lab mates going in for seconds it can be fairly concluded that it was delicious as well! I like food but I am not as adventurous as I would like to be with food. I LOVE watching Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bourdain and consider them two of the coolest people on this planet, after Ian Wright of Globe Trekker i.e.
(One reason why I love twitter - you can follow people you are interested in without appearing like a crazy stalker
and although I would love to follow Mr Right (I mean Wright) in real life, considering how unlikely that is, I am quite happy following him on twitter - for now. I mean- dreams shouldn't have any boundaries Wright? (I mean right?)).
And although I aspire to be cool foodies like Zimmerman and Bourdain, I can never gather the courage they show in trying out different food from different lands and often consume them with relish and gusto!

And speaking of food, my kitchen cabinets got a fresh coat of paint and has a sweet, clean, fresh look. Lots more I want to do to make it look sweeter but time and finances need to happen simultaneously which is a rare occurrence in my case. Then on second thoughts, since this is just a small, temporary, rental accommodation I wonder if I should be dedicating all the time and money to pretty it up only to move out later. Then on 'third thoughts' (if there is such a thing) I tell myself-as long as I live here, its my space and if keeping it a certain way makes me happy and since happiness (most times) come at a cost, then I must! In other words its time and money well spent.

It is almost the weekend and some friends are coming over and we will all eat and be merry and I believe it is also some one's birthday. Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: I wish I had pics to accompany my ramblings but alas! this aspiring photographer ( one among many other aspirations ) often forgets to take her camera along! Something to be kept in mind for the next post perhaps.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Something I want to do- Adopt a baby, preferably a girl. In my heart I am convinced of how wonderful it would be to have a daughter. I am having a hard time convincing the family though- on adoption i.e.


Wasn't it just a couple of days ago I declared I have "free time" in hand.? I guess I jinxed myself as this week and the next promises to be mad, hectic. Of course all depends on how much of my procrastinating urges take over my discipline. If the former happens I might find myself with plenty "free time" but with the nagging thought of all the impending work I am not sure how relaxing it will be, especially since I travel the week after next.

But all is not work and madness. There are a couple of fun things on the card.

An upcoming lab get together this week and I will be bringing my famous & delicious ( eh, I think you are legally (and clinically) permitted to make such self-declarations and/or have delusions of grandeur within the limits of your own blog) "tandoori chicken" ( well my version of it) and with lab mates from Nepal, Iraq, Pakistan and US it should be an interesting buffet.

The weekend promises to be fun too depending on what I end up doing. There are a couple of movies to catch at the theatre--something I have been neglecting (yep, I will use words like neglect and movies in the same line, implying it was grossly irresponsible of me. I guess I am a movie buff!).

There is also a plan to have some friends over as its been ages since we got together at home. Every time we meet at the campus our parting line is always-"hey we need to get together soon sometime" followed by "as soon as things slow down a bit" which never happens of course. Now with winter break approaching and the finals almost done, a weekend party is a possibility. But I also wanted to paint my kitchen shelves white! So what is it going to be-socializing or housekeeping?! I'll wait and see what happens. Wish I could do it all but alas! the weekend is only 2 days long!

So many possibilities, so little time and so says a certified procrastinator .

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Tell The Way You Remember It..

...not the way it happened"- Finnegan Ball

I have a mad crush on Finn (Pip). I had almost forgotten. Then I refreshed my memory and it all came back. But I love Joe. Such a nice man.
Estella, a pretty snob and nothing much.
Ms.Dinsmoor (Ms. Havisham), heartbroken and eccentric and nothing more.
The fugitive, the benefactor.
The rest, insignificant.

I have free time in hand and I am watching movies, the old forgotten favorites. Just finished Great Expectations and now I am on to The English Patient and it is only about 10pm. Needless to say, I am pretty good at pointless pursuits.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Relief is what I feel. It is done- the written exam, the orals and all the crazy stress. Now my status is "ABD", which is a grad school lingo that stands for Anything But Dissertation, which technically means I am not a PhD student anymore but- advanced to candidacy.

Now for the proposal defense, the field work, the data collection, the analysis, the hypothesis testing, the interpretations, the writing, the presenting and defending all that you did. Yikes!
May the force be with me(I would have settled for Capt. Hans Solo but obviously God has other plans for me).