Friday, July 22, 2011

Back From Homeland

Been a while since my last scribble. I am back from homeland, after what I would describe as an arduous journey. No I did not sail back, crossing rough seas like old-en times and neither did I smuggle in via some nondescript cargo ship. I got back, traveling half way around the world, economy class (a.k.a canned -sardine class, or the middle-class-drudgery class..or any other name you may wish to confer) and my bones and muscles are certified useless! I was in pain and it took forever to recover both from the pain and the jet lag. Don't want to claim old age responsible. I am not really that old :). Its sort of like the old Amul Chocolate ad- I am too old for long economy plane rides but too young for old age...but I think I am right for...

Sillines aside, I think it was the viral flu attack I was subjected to before I left home which left me too weak and tired to take up a loooong plane ride not to mention the emotional state of mind you are in (always) before leaving home and mother behind.

Anyways, here I am back in school, at work, with so much stuff to accomplish that just the thought of it is making me tired all over again. Yikes! Another month before school officially opens for Fall and until then I can work at a not-so-crazy pace, provided Prof willing and God willing.

Last weekend caught the final part of Harry Potter. Fell asleep a bit in between (shame on me!) but otherwise enjoyed it. Thought the magic was spectacular in this one.

More later...