Thursday, May 12, 2011

This and That

It is tough when you want to post something profound or insightful or interesting or exciting on your blog every time you set out to post. It is tough because most of the time none of the above happens to me.

Anyhow, since this blog takes various forms, from dear diary to posting random links from youtube, today's post is more like a combination of both or something that falls in between.

As my trip home is drawing closer things are getting a bit hectic. There is some work-work to finish, meetings with professors before I leave, shopping for self (there is the new pair of jeans and a pullover that has been on my list for a while now) and shopping for friends & family. I love doing this even though everyone says not to bring anything since "everything is available in India", but I do it anyways for the pleasure of it - really. I enjoy giving presents (and receiving is not too bad either). But what I don't enjoy is that as my travel day gets closer, I get calls and emails that goes- "listen I don't mean to bother you but could you get me a laptop or a cell phone or an ipod and if it is inconvenient or too costly then please don't bother. Ok? Ok. " Hmmm...My only problem with this is why wait till last minute. Tell me at least a month in advance. Closer to my travel date I am precariously balancing my credit card and other available funds. So it can get a bit tricky.

What else now? So many things going on in the world ( which is nothing new)- from killing of international wanted men to leaking of risqué telephone conversations between MPs and other "VIPs". I am really not a news junkie and some days I even miss reading the daily newspaper, although I do manage to stay reasonably informed on current events. Thanks to face book I suppose, which seems to have become this one-stop-for-all-info place. Atleast that's how my facebook page looks. Maybe it is the trend or maybe all my friends are certified nerds. Major events or an interesting article is posted from some mainstream news site or the other, with a personal analysis, more often something provocative and then its open to comments. Depending on the topic and how provocative the analysis is, there is a frenzy of comments being posted and "likes" being clicked.

You know my mind has gone blank all of a sudden. As this is my silly old blog and not a syndicated column, I can stop abruptly-right? right.


Thursday, May 05, 2011

Overcoming Sleepiness

Writing this post as an attempt to stay awake. You may wonder why cant I just take a nap?! Well, I can't because I am at work although I don't have any work to do which perhaps explains my sleepiness.But no, it is due to a combination of- surprisingly heavy lunch, no work to do and a general lack of motivation to do any studying. Just to ease the guilt factor a bit, I did some reading, and a bit of researching. I could carry on with it but don't want to do it anymore today. Gotten a bit lazy since my presentations last week.
The next best thing to do was read some blogs. I am up to date on the blogs I follow, so read a bit from their past postings. I did the same with my own blog and lets just say there were multiple instances of cringing and disbelief followed by a mad desire to delete the post. I am horrified at the language (not that it has improved much since then), as well as the contents of the post. I mean what was I thinking when I wrote some of those crappy posts?!
Moving on to happy/funny thoughts---lets see..hmmm...well,I came across this funny tweet by Robbin Williams on twitter and it goes: "They- you are weird. Me: No I am not. I am just limited edition!" :)
Thus ends the post with no message and I am still feeling sleepy *YAWN*.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Weekend (Photo) Diary

Sounds a bit trivial when the whole world is caught up on the "big news" of the weekend. As I read somewhere there is nothing to celebrate over someone's death but if it brings closure to a lot of people across the world whose families were innocent victims of terror then so be it. But otherwise the only thing that should be celebrated is peace and love.
I posted a tiny msg on facebook which apparently implied some kind of victory for America when really that is not what was intended and some of my Indian friends went ballistic. Conspiracy theories to international political deal making was shared and everyone seemed indignant that America dares to "celebrate" this mission they have accomplished.
My response was basically treat this as news and the President felt the need to share it with his people for whom it symbolizes more than just slaying of a wanted man. And really enough with these conspiracy theories. We have enough and more as it is, floating around. It has made us all so paranoid and suspicious of everything. If we don't trust anyone then what will become of us? How can we ever be at peace? Atleast this President seems like a conscientious leader and is doing his best to improve things both within his country and the country's role within the global community. other than international breaking news and all the buzz around it, my weekend wasn't too bad. On Saturday, a friend came over and we set out on what we would like to call a 'shopping marathon'. 5 hrs later and blowing up enough money that cannot be disclosed as it would be inappropriate, we headed home. Made some lip smacking nachos for dinner (pics next time) and then hit the sack and slept like a log.
Sunday was mostly spent at home and evening after all the hullabaloo over "Breaking News" on CNN, grilled some Asparagus and ordered pizza for dinner, played some games (dumb charades actually) with the family and off to sleep by 10:30.
Two more weeks to go and school closes for summer break. Will post some pics later as an attempt to stay consistent with the idea of "weekend photo diary posts".