Friday, January 28, 2011

Early Semester Crisis!

Yes! not mid life crisis but early semester crisis! Not too far into the semester and all I can say is craziness prevails! Crazy not because too many things are happening but too many delays and uncertainties and unresolved issues are happening. Patience is not my forte and when delays happen, worry becomes my middle name. So, it felt like divine intervention when I was walking today morning, towards my Prof's room, for a meeting, with all my bags of worries and nagging thoughts, and my eyes fell upon a small note, written on a paper and pinned to the bulletin board. It said "life is too short, enjoy and don't worry too much ". Hmmm...Well I did pause for a moment (not literally but more like a mental pause) and told myself-'yes, easier said than done' and proceeded to my meeting.

Sometimes I wish patience came in a tablet form, available over the counter!

( PS: I did not mean to continue with a theme similar to my previous post. But then life has nothing else to offer and therefore neither do I. Perhaps something happy & exciting will happen tomorrow! :))

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Art of Slowing Down

Clearly I am not being regular updating my blog. I don't know why that is. Perhaps it is laziness or perhaps there is nothing cool or fun to write about. Weekends are spent preparing for weekdays and weekdays are spent in auto drive, multi-tasking, heading towards weekends!The idea of slowing down, enjoying life (as they say the little pleasures of life) sounds highly appealing but a difficult goal. A professor of mine once told me to slow down. The exact words were "you need to slow down...brew some tea, take slow sips and enjoy..try to stay calm":). Nice words of advice that went wasted I suppose. I don't brew tea, I boil it, with milk and water, the Indian way (these days without sugar) and I am impatient when it is too hot to drink!
I know what will slow me down. That house in the mountains with my small, lovely, productive farm :). I see myself brewing tea, taking slow sips and enjoying the mountain views, early mornings. Just the thought of it so calming. It is a long way to go before I get to that mountain and until then it looks like a life on the speed lane with hardly any pretty views or extended tea breaks! As the title says, it is an art and I am not talented enough..yet.

By the way, a thought just occurred- I miss my camera. Must put it to use before the poor thing rusts away.

As a self-proclaimed movie buff..looking forward to Dhobi Ghat. The trailer is intriguing enough to make me want to watch the whole movie. Check out the music--so haunting!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Start Again

Hello blog! Many reasons for my brief disappearance- school, travel, loss, health scares, and what not..

Christmas break was obviously eventful to say the least and now back to school. It is the New year and looking forward to everything it has in store. Things are still too slow as far as grad school is concerned and that is something I am not too thrilled to acknowledge. But life goes on and so here is a list of new happenings..

-Became a vegetarian- strictly since the the last three months (not too difficult since I only had to give up chicken)

-Quit taking sugar with tea (this was a real tough one and continues to be challenging)

-Joined twitter and stalking stars of bollywood, tollywood, kollywood, hollywood and any other stars-of-the-woods that in on twitter..(what can I say about my weird,crazy,voyeuristic preoccupations)

-Became a regular at the local vegetarian, organic food store (great food with lovely folks managing the store)

-Watching more movies and reading less books (pretty pathetic really)

-Discovered a couple of new interesting blogs- 1. by a girl based in New York; 2. a couple from Vancouver traveling the world until June 2011.

-Became friends in face book with a young photographer/grad student based in my hometown Kochi.

-Discovered tamil voodo music by Susheela Raman. Best described as weirdly entertaining.

-A friend got married and another had a baby

-Made a fabulous new friend.She lives and works @ glorious Western ghats and is here for her doctoral studies.

-Planning-postponing-planning trips home.

-Health is wealth and right now I dont feel very wealthy

Need rest.*ugh*