Friday, February 12, 2010

Regarding the Fuss..

It is not even Valentines Day but...

"rozaana jiye rozaana mare
teri yaadon mein hum - rozaana...
rozaana chale yaadon mein teri, zindagi ka safar
tujhse hai roshan, tujse hai zinda, yeh dil ka sheher - rozaana.."

Src: Nishabd, Lyrics by Munna Dhiman

And its not even Valentines Day yet :)

Wonder what/why all the fuss is about?
Historical Context :
The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and hand written declarations of love (known as "valentines").

Current Context:
The U.S. Greeting Cards Association estimates that approximately one billion valentines ( known as "mass produced greeting cards") are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, behind Christmas. The association estimates that, in the US, men spend on average twice as much money as women.
src : Prof. Wikipedia

It appears to be all for the love of economics not the economics of love :D (and I feel a bit sorry for the men)