Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm Gonna Kick His Ask"

Can anyone be possibly cuter than her? Wish I could adopt her.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Romantic vs. An Un-Romantic

Words of a Romantic..

“Inanimate objects must have as much importance in our lives as animate objects. We must be able to relate to them, respect them, and thank them for their services. Why is that just because we own them we can be inconsiderate, mistreat them and even discard them without much thought? Our lives are simple and comfortable, thanks to the n number of tools and equipments and “stuff” the post-industrial society has made available. However there is coldness to the way we possess these things. There are no kissing goodbyes to our refrigerators before an outing nor is there an expression of gratitude for the car that took us so far or the computer that made things easy. There is the Hindu festival of Dashera and the ritual of Ayudha pooja which signifies the importance our ancestors gave to the various tools and objects in their life has reduced to mere “rituals” and a national holiday. Traditionally and even among the indigenous communities these objects had a place almost on par with the deities and were worshiped with due reverence. Sadly, in contrast, we now live in a materialistic world where possessing and disposing these things are a way of life. The question then is that shouldn’t we discover their rightful place in our lives? We must pledge a deeper obligation to these inanimate objects and respect them and use them better. We must develop a deeper commitment to them. By not acknowledging that these inanimate objects play a part in providing us comfort and happiness too (to some extent), aren’t we simply reducing ourselves to become part of a purely transactional mode of life where everything is detached and without caring.....”

Following this somehow Gandhiji’s name came up and his life and work…

Words of an Un-Romantic..

‘Don’t we have a phrase for the world we live in now?—“ consumeristic society”?, where everything is buy-use-throw- and buy. Don’t you realize we are not supposed to try and relate or “develop deeper commitments” to inanimate objects. If we start doing that we are shaking up a foundation that is built on billions of dollars and the entire global economy can fall flat on its face along with all the billions of livelihoods dependent on it. The cycle of demand and supply is set at a faster pace and the sad thing is we don’t have much of a choice. Having a choice seems more a luxury today; something perhaps a few urban, educated, rich intellectuals can afford. Or I should rather say there are too many cheap choices and opting out of them is the most expensive choice of all. I admit there are some anti-globalization movements being initiated across the world and in fact Gandhiji’s teachings and philosophies are being resurrected. “Village democracy”, “green economies”, “food sovereignty” and “local self-sufficiency” are the new buzz-words. But again what worries me is who are these people initiating these movements? How genuine are they? Who is it really supposed to benefit? Nobody functions as a single society anymore for the greater common good. We act and react in groups and as groups for the greater common good of the group (although this is not said loud). There are the Nationalistic groups, there are the religious groups, there is the scientific group which is again divided in terms of discipline and there are the so called civil-society groups ( this is the most confusing group to me) and each one of them have their own personal group agendas. I don’t mean to condemn all well intended initiatives but simply being cautious I guess. As somebody mentioned I am amazed too at the courage and charisma of this small, frail man to force nations to change although not surprisingly it did not keep him alive too long. And now you talk about “developing a deeper commitment to inanimate objects”! I apologize for the pessimism in my thoughts but I guess the romantic in me has got lost somewhere in the hustle and bustle of life’.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


I feel nostalgic for whatever reason.

I feel homesick too.

My mom's here with me so I dont know why I am feeling homesick. But then I wonder where is "home". Is it the place where you were born or where you spent the longest time of your life? in my case they are two different places. So then?

They say home is where the heart is. In that case where is my heart? My heart is beating (remember that song--from one of the old movies- Julie I think ) I can feel it. But what if I am heartless? ( ouch! that hurt). I would never have a home then? (hmm..that does not sound good). No I aint where is home then? I hear a tune in my head and its that song "Life for Rent".

I think I am nostalgic than homesick. School days, cycling with friends, discussing crushes..

Oh well, this post is all about silly ramblings. I am bored I think. K thinks I need to exercise and I want to travel, across India. Someday soon.

Laters then..

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I've Got a Crush on You

These pics of Mr Dalton are unflattering and he is 63 years old but I was trying to make a point here by saying its never about the looks and age does not really matter (unless he is too young) :)

Watched a string of films over the weekend starting with Jane Eyre (1983 TV mini series) all 11 Episodes and approximately 3.50 hrs. Close to the end all I could see and hear was Mr Rochester (Timothy Dalton). It also felt as if 3:50hrs of watching Mr Dalton was too short and so followed it with Scarlet (Gone with the Wind -Part II), another TV mini series which was approximately 6 hrs long! By then it was around 2 am and my head was reeling from too much movies but still not enough of Mr. Dalton. :D :D. So the following day watched Living Daylights which ended abruptly as whoever had uploaded the movie failed to complete the job. I am still in the dark on how the movie ended but one thing was pretty clear by then-I had a serious crush on the man.
Today being monday my original plan was to spend all day at the Uni but instead showed up at the dept, said hello to the office Secs and my Prof., got my ID validated and went straight to the movies. Watched - Its Complicated and Sherlock Holmes (woohoo!) back to back and I have officially declared my brain as useless. (Now you know why this one reads like a dumb post in case you are wondering).
Sleep beckons and hopefully Mr Dalton will make an appearance or I may take off with Mr Holmes solving an intriguing mystery and who knows but Mr Bond might just show up and decide to help! Good night and cool adventures!

(PS: The title was indeed inspired by Frank Sinatra's song but the lyrics are not applicable in anyway)