Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some General Stuff..

75% story of my life...

Received a new subscription request for Science magazine from AAAS. The $50 subscription for 51 issues ( student rate) comes with a free T-shirt. The 6-steps t-shirt- pretty accurate I say and the other one - pretty smart I say.
(FYI: I am stuck somewhere in the second step)

So while I am contemplating to subscribe or not, I went ahead and bought some "peace" and "holy-love" for myself.

Howz that for some fine jewelery huh? :)

Hmm....shouldn't I be doing something more productive than publishing this post!? Lets see- there is a paper to read for today's class ( not done!) and four papers to read and write a review for thursday's class ( half done!).

Next week I am off on a trip for two weeks..very much looking forward to this break from what appears to be a mundane existence at the moment! ( The Downer: I'll be losing four classes! Hell!)

(Mood: A bit bored and a bit whiny and not very articulate about it either)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Weird Week for Sure..


Sat through an invited talk by a social scientist from Chennai on Microfinance and Women empowerment in South India where she declared all men (or husbands) are alcoholics! Later, during the mingling/networking session I heard the speaker’s husband introducing himself to someone as- “Hi…I am the alcoholic husband”. That was funny!

Worked on a collaborative research proposal involving 10 professors from different disciplines, two NGOs, one University, and three countries!! Man what a kick-ass experience. Practically all-modern communication technology available was put to use. No idea if we will get the funding but a kick-ass experience nevertheless.

A friend found out that his girlfriend is pregnant. He is in shock although he is trying to hide it well. They have been dating only for 2-3 months so this was unplanned/ unexpected. He recently graduated, went on a short vacation, got back and got the news! Oh Man! So now the poor guy is getting hearty congratulations and free parenting advice to comments like “dude now we know you are not a virgin” to “well now we know everything works just fine”! I think all of us are in a bit of shock yet we all want to be happy for him.

(PS: Heard the girlfriend is pretty thrilled. She is 6 years older than him and she is so ready for a baby!).

Andhra Pradesh CM died in a helicopter crash. May his soul rest in peace. MSN reported that 100 people died from shock hearing about his death. May their souls rest in peace as well. *sigh*.

A friend might be getting divorced after all. *sigh* *sigh*