Monday, August 24, 2009

Multiple Orgasm

One hot, humid day at the store...

Me: Could I have a multiple orgasm please.

Girl at the counter: Sure! Just one for you today?

Me: Well, how much is one?

Girl at the counter: Its $4.50.

Me: Oh ok..well make that two please.

Girl at the counter: For here or to go?

Me: To go please.

...And few minutes later I walk home with two multiple orgasms in a paper bag to enjoy at home.

Trust me but that was more awkward than I thought. And not sure why someone would have such a strange name for an ice cream. Also, I cannot say if the ice cream lived up to its name but I can say that there was nothing extraordinary about it.

This is how a multiple orgasm looks like. ( flavors: chocolate, coffee and oreo cookies with an oreo cookie crust)

School's back in session today and like always I am nervous like hell!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Whats New At My End?

This was an email reply to a friend and I thought it would also make a decent blog update. Resorting to reuse-recycle approach due to lack of time, lack of ideas and simple laziness.

So whats new at my end?-

...'Nothing new or exciting has happened since the last 'summary-of-my-life' email I sent you a week ago :). Busy at work mostly and the rest of the time too tired to care.

By the way Felicia tricked us and all those who made elaborate preparations to face the "big storm" were royally let down. Smart me did not bother too much. Finally we got hit with a minor tropical depression and the last couple of days have been gloomy with slight rains and light winds. Great weather as far as I am concerned :). You know the "Wuthering Heights" kind of scene. Gosh! love that movie! have you seen it? I doubt.
So here I am discussing the weather, asking you questions and answering them myself.

Other news..I did an internet Quiz just for fun.It was " what your eyes say about you?". I must say I was extremely disappointed by the results. It says " Fear". Can you believe it?! I need to retake that Quiz again. I obviously did not pay attention while answering the first time. I only have normal human fears like -snakes, or being robbed in the night (actually anytime of the day) or getting hit by turbulence while flying ..

I know I am blabbering away as if you have all the time in the world to read my blabber. In fact my time is quite expensive too particularly at these times of recession. I shouldn't be wasting it on meaningless blabber . Sigh!

I saw Luck By chance. Good movie. I think Farhan Akhtar is pretty cool and Konkana Sen is wonderful!

So whats new at your end?'

Friday, August 07, 2009

We Have Been Warned!

We might be hit by a hurricane over the weekend. It even has a fancy name Hurricane Felicia.
In my "survival kit" so far I have batteries, a first-aid kit and an old sleeping bag.
I had planned on an early morning campus walk with my modest camera, a movie and an IndianBBQ meet at the house, with some friends, over the weekend. Hope the storm simply subsides and passes without any fuss and let us "hardworking" folks party and take a break!

Monday, August 03, 2009

EarthDancing Saturday Evening

For a little bit of green inspiration spent 2 hours this Saturday evening at the art auditorium freezing my ass off watching "EarthDance" which as the flyer describes is a "Short-attention -span environmental film festival". The "short-attention-span" is what really caught my attention besides the cool name of the festival.

"EarthDance is a juried compilation of comedies, documentaries, animations and adventures — from Italy, India, Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and US — that celebrate the natural world, one short film at a time. Originally presented by the Oakland Museum, this unique blend of eco-tainment brings messages of inspiration, celebration and action".

It was worth the time spent and i did get inspired but most importantly I understood the power of satire after watching "Cheatneutral" - Watch it here.Found it goofy and smart- something I like. Also discovered the awesomeness of mountain biking and Ryan Leech my new hero!Check out this tiny clip to see why.
Last but not the least enjoyed the entire compilation and found them entertaining, amusing, provocative and also it reinforced my connection to the natural environment.

Now go watch, get inspired and go green!