Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I missed you..a little bit.
There was/is nothing extraordinary to say, report or confess and to be honest I wanted to stay away from you. But I missed you….a little bit.

Some changes have occurred since my last visit. For one- America has a new leader which I hope does good for the country and the world. I also inherited two fish in an aquarium from friends and now Barrack and Obama are part of the family. Two days into their new home and new family, there was an emergency of sorts due to overfeeding! Since then lessons have been learnt and fish and all are a happy and contented lot.
I continue the “learning process” – learning new stuff and un-learning some of the old stuff. I am still collaborating with my previous professor but have a different boss- a young guy who waits eagerly for Friday starting Monday. You can imagine the work pressure under the circumstances. I must have done something good in my previous (professional) life to get a boss like him.
I have moved to a house closer to the university and the new place has a charming little backyard with some plants and flowers, a couple of garden lizards, two garden chairs, an old coffee table, a couple of books, some gardening tools and a cycle in the corner. In a place where real estate is more precious than gold, this is indeed a blessing!
My research is not progressing at any steady or unsteady pace but planning to visit motherland for a pre-research study. Since it sounds very formal and official I might actually get to do some roaming around unlike my previous visits. Yep it’s a very strategic move on my part.
Life in general is fine but mundane to some (most) extent. No close encounters with anyone interesting or fascinating but things, people, incidents, music, stories, images and a fairly fertile imagination provides motivation to reach for the (elusive) potential.
In terms of recommendations the list is endless but to name a quick few.
I came across a fascinating documentary series called the “Story of India”. It is highly recommend to anyone who is interested in knowing the history and evolution of the Indian society and its diverse cultures.
Finished reading a book by Edward Luce called “Inspite of the Gods- The rise of modern India” a good book that gives you some socio-political insights on India.
Ofcourse there is the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which in spite of its unflattering, almost disgusting portrayal (even though a true representation) of the Mumbai slums managed to lift my spirits with its cool music, beautiful people, a happy ending and a bunch of prestigious awards. Go A.R.R! Go!
And before I forget do watch varnam aayiram (there is something about the title).
Obviously my fascination for tamil lives on and I leave with this sweet, sexy song from Paruthi Veeran. Enjoy!