Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Good vs. Good

I feel bored out of my mind- Not good
I am up-to-date at work- Good
I don't like the work I do- Not good
I connected with some of my old friends from school and college- Good
I also connected with some old friends who pretended to not know me anymore- Not good
I am reading two books at a time @a para a day- Not good
I am getting to eat good home cooked food –Good
I saw WALL.E and loved it- Good
I also saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-I and liked it- Good
I am madly in love with James Hetfield (again)- Good
I don’t have any new crushes- Good
I feel a bit lost- Not good
I finished writing a paper- Good
I don’t have the courage to send it out yet- Not good
I met with my Prof and she was happy to see me- Good
I have not made any progress on my thesis- Not good
I have a bad feeling that I might drop out- Not good
I also feel I should not give up and go for it- Good
I wish for old times – Good
I am not sure which “old times” I have in mind- Not good
I wonder what happened to my friendship with a certain friend- Not good
I feel like putting all blame on my friend but I wonder if it’s just my ego taking me on a trip- Not good
I got news a friend’s son is not keeping well- Not good
I got news a cousin left for higher studies- Good
I fought with my mom today – Not good
I already feel bad and want to go home- Good
I just feel irritated today- Not good
I feel inspired by this photographer and his images - Good
I wish for a new camera but no money- Not good
I just want to get lost – Not good
I think it would be irresponsible to get lost – Good
I miss the monsoons back home- Not good
I don’t mind the summer here- Good
I want to sing “My Sweet Lord”- Good
I doubt if my sweet Lord will hear me- Not good
I want to go on a road trip and write my own motorcycle diaries-Good
I can’t ride a motorcycle nor do I have any volunteers(yet)-Not good
I don’t really get the point of this post-Not good
I guess I just wrote down everything I want to write down- Good
I see (at this point) there are more “not goods” than “goods”- Not good
I believe it’s a matter of time before everything changes for the good- Good
I like life and all the drama associated with it- Good
And now there is balance!