Monday, November 05, 2007

Planet Earth-Rocks!

This is what I have been enjoying the past week:The splendidly awesome Planet Earth- The Complete Series, (BBC Vidoes). Takes you through an icredible journey of the planet-nature at its most beautiful, wildest and remotest. It also makes you realize how intricately interconnected life on this planet is but how stupidly we dont pay attention and mess up the environment we live in. Anyways, I dont mean to "lament" but I say everyone buy it or get hold of it and watch it.

A testimony from the narrator of the series David Attenborough: "This new series is more a celebration of our planet, not a lament about the state of it. It shows what is still there. In some areas, there is no doubt we are doing damage to our world but, at the same time there is a vast amount of unchratered and untouched wilderness. This landmark series takes viewers to the world's highest peaks, deepest caves and most remote deserts. The footage is simply without parallel".
At Branes & Noble it is priced at $75 but has it priced at $85 along with another series called The Blue Planet-Seas of Life.That's a pretty neat deal. Might make a good early christmas gift for self :).

Friday, November 02, 2007

Tagged Myself!

Found an interesting “tag” post while browsing through some blogs. For lack of anything better or interesting to write I decided to tag myself and reveal a bit.

Injured yourself
Long ago, when I was five or something. I was standing at the door waving at my dad who was leaving for work. A strong wind blew the door shut which cut off a portion of my left index finger which I had unknowingly placed between the door hinges. My mom poured some antiseptic, stuck back the little piece of finger, bandaged it and rushed me to the doctor. The piece was stitched back and my hand was in sling for weeks. All credit goes to the doctor’s sewing skills, even though the finger is intact and healed completely, it is slightly twisted serving as a permanent reminder of that unfortunate, painful day.

Been in love
There are people I like beyond any logical reasoning. I suppose it must be love.
PS: Someone please define being in love.

Been violent
A couple of times I have thrown a few things around in an attempt to dispense my anger when words and reasoning failed me.

Drank too much
Thanksgiving 2004. I can’t remember how many glasses of wine and sherry I had but I do remember passing out and getting up hours later with a horrible hangover.It wasn't a happy or fun experience at all.

Experienced bliss
Typically when I am traveling alone and find myself in the middle of nowhere. But to be more specific, when I was working in a project and I was staying with a tribal community close to a forest, far, far, far away from the maddening crowd.

Did something you shouldn't have
I screamed at my mom for asking too many questions. See, she was just being concerned for my future. I feel a bit guilty and bad now. Oh well….hmmm.

Created art
If amateur oil painting can be defined as “art”, then yes I dabbled in it briefly in my undergraduate years.

Surprised someone
No…not really. I don’t think I am good at giving surprises.

Bought something expensive
I spent quite a bit on clothes while I was in India for summer. *guilty*

Played a practical joke on someone
Oh no…not my scene.

Felt nervous in someone's company
Yea…anytime I am with anybody I have a secret crush on although it is a combination of nervousness, shyness, awkwardness along with an overwhelming feeling of joy and affection. Strange I tell you.

Felt beautiful
Yea…when I am alone in the middle of nowhere. lol!

Felt unattractive
Yep..when I make more than a couple of trips to the dessert bar at the restaurant :D

Threw a party
Well, if cooking food for friends and chatting into the night can be called a “party” then yes…just four weeks back.
Everyone loved my cooking *wink*

Were the centre of attention
Yea—four weeks back, for a brief period. It happened to be my b’day and a friend had brought a cake. They made me light a candle and cut the cake. It was a lovely surprise although a bit embarrassing!

Felt betrayed
Yea…but better left unexplained.

I try my best to avoid lying, I only lie to avoid others getting hurt or when it is for a harmless cause. That's really not too often.

Were scared
I was in high-school when my grandmother became seriously ill and the whole family had gathered at our ancestral home. The next day she passed away and that night all of us cousins were asked to sleep at our eldest uncle’s house which was about five minutes walk from grandma’s place. Before we left, one of my cousins decided it would be cool to get us all into one room (we were around 10 of us in the group, the youngest being in second grade) switch off the lights and exchange ghost stories. Being bit of a scaredy cat, I was not particularly enjoying the stories especially the last one my cousin told which was on this ghost lady in white. It almost scared the crap out of me. So finally it was time to leave and we all had to walk through a rubber estate with only a torch light showing us the way. I was walking with my cousin, the expert story teller, when he suddenly pointed out and exclaimed "look there’s that lady in white!” and I instantly reacted by closing my eyes with a loud scream and started crying hysterically!! It took quite a bit of reassuring to calm me down and stop my crying. The incident was left unreported to the elders but none of us kids slept that night. My poor cousin was beside me through out, apologizing and reassuring me :D. I was fine by next day and it almost seemed ridiculous but I had never felt such terrorizing scare in my life before.
What a night that was!

Felt glad to be you
Yea…most days :D