Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here I am on top of the world, surrounded by the misty green mountains, almost kissing the clouds enjoying those few moments when the moon’s about to depart awaiting the sun’s glorious arrival, listening to the schoolboys whistling….is how I would have liked to begin. But, here I am, holed up in a concrete apartment, staring at the wooden wall with the Gujju art work and the collage on the signboard, listening to Fools Garden-Lemon Tree and wondering ….

Now that I have a beginning, a rather dramatic one, I am not quite sure how to continue.
But an attempt is an attempt is an attempt….?!?!
Ok …so here I am (I am repeating myself), back from “apna des” struggling to get back to routine, although I don’t really have one :D! I am back from spending two months in India and I miss mother, I miss certain places, I miss certain moments I have had, I miss someone here and there and I miss the status of not missing anything and anyone while I was there. So, how foolish can one be to return? But then I suppose someone wise would have described it as being realistic/ practical and I take comfort in considering myself wise.Anyways….. couple of months left to officially graduate and after that what’s in store…the Lord definitely knows. I wish to work but the challenge would be to find my kind of work *scary*.For now, I am working with my professor with a short trip scheduled for next month. I am also prettying up my thesis to present it to grad division. Hopefully they will approve (fingers crossed).And last but not the least in my sad attempts to relive my vacation I am occupying myself watching Indian movies (tamil movies to be precise. My romance with the language continues!) and listening to music as loud as legally possible! Perhaps just a coincidence, but I am also reading The Inheritance of Loss and if I may share a line I encountered...“could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss? Romantically she decided that love must surely reside in the gap between desire and fulfillment, in the lack, not the contentment. Love was the ache, the anticipation, the retreat, everything around it but the emotion itself”*sigh*