Saturday, June 16, 2007


I am done!! Finally!! Defended my thesis day before yesterday and got all the important papers signed. I can sing and I don’t care about my lousy voice. I was in full armor (imagine one of those ancient English soldiers geared up for battle) and defended my work with all my might . The turn over for the presentation was better than I expected. Besides my committee members, there were a couple of other professors from the department, a few folks from the industry and agriculture extension services and a couple of my friends.
It has been quite a tiresome, nerve racking semester and I never got a break after my finals as I had to focus full time on completing my thesis. My professor had suggested defending in august when school reopens for fall but I wanted to finish up all the crazy part before I headed home.
So, fixed my defense for this month and gave up on sleep, food and friends .I survived the sleeplessness, the lack of food and like to believe that all the good friendship survived in spite of the complete disconnect with friends. A couple of them did wonder where the heck I was since I got messages that read “alive or dead?” and “I am disappointed in you. How can you not make time to say a simple hello”..etc.
Anyways…such a relief to have done with the defense which was the scariest part of all. Celebrated on Hefeweizen, Virginia Slims and Greek Food! My professor’s treat.

Planning to tackle a list of ‘other important things to do’ such as :
Get tickets to get home as early and as cheap as I can.
Stock up some chocolates for cousins, nieces and nephews.
Try and catch a couple of nice movies
Finish the two books that I bought sometime back. I had started reading one @ of one page a week. Hope to pick up some speed and finish it and the next one.
And last but not the least get back in touch with some nice people I know…
That’s it.
The defense is OVER!.....Yipeee!!