Tuesday, March 20, 2007

An Idea.

An idea of a lazy sunday spent indoors.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I Google Earth

By now I am almost convinced of my obsession for the Western Ghats (“the cloud mountains’) and what else would a person obsessing over something do other than spend even more time obsessing over it. That doesn’t sound very healthy but since that is not the point of this post I shall proceed.

I am sure almost everyone has heard of Google Earth. Well, like almost everyone I too had heard of google earth until last weekend, when I spent a sizeable amount of time downloading and exploring it. I never expected myself to remain engrossed in it for hours but that’s exactly what happened. I started off exploring some places in Kerala/India and had fun locating my parent’s place in Cochin. Once that was done I had the fabulous, brilliant (if I may say so) idea of checking out the Western Ghats and boy was it fun!! I was a lost soul with no track of time or reason and went on an awesome virtual tour (actually I could see things beyond the maps..hard to explain so pardon me) . Now I have a blue-print (green-print rather) of my travel route when I land myself in homeland.

The maps I saved aren’t the best quality but at a specific “zoom range”( ignorant of a more accurate technical terminology) it highlighted some of the places I am keen to visit. One of the cool features is that, if you drag and click yr curser on the points shown on the maps, images of the place pops up and gives you an idea on how the place really looks( not in the blog but the actual maps). Kakkabe is a place where one of my friends (the wannabe herpetologist) has been to a zillion times and cannot stop talking about. He says it is important that he take me there else my life would be incomplete or something in those lines: D.

Madikeri and Tholpetty equally gorgeous, atleast from the images( google earth pop-ups). A trip to Tholpetty is a possibility since I plan to go to Waynad and the place holds some lovely, lovely memories.
Ooty and Ketti Valley is on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu part of the Western Ghats but due to some technical goof up on my part I could not get them to appear in the next map.

Can you believe I have never been to Ooty!! How many schools and colleges in South India do you know that hasn’t made atleast a single trip to Ooty? I cant remember precisely why I never visited Ooty but I am pretty sure it’s because my parents didn’t allow me (When you are a kid, adults can be such a pain in the **** and when you become an adult, you realize what a pain in the **** person you have become!).

Returning to the original topic- Google Earth-Keti valley! Check out the picture of Keti Valley that popped up on Google Earth when I clicked the curser on the spot. Looks magical doesn’t it? I checked Wikipedia and the description almost melted my heart.


Kodaikanal, I have been to a couple of times but don’t mind visiting again. Annamalai, supposedly the “ meeting point of western and eastern ghats” and Valparai, with its “vast land of forests” I have heard and read so much about, it would be almost tragic if I didn’t pay a visit . Also, it would be extremely arrogant and impertinent of me if I ignore home base. There is Marayoor , with all its mystery, Silent Valley, which isn't silent anymore, Eravikulam, with its “high altitude grasslands interspersed with sholas” and Anaimudi the highest peak in S.India to name a few, all awaiting my visit :D(sometimes I like to flatter myself).

I know I have only covered a miniscule of the entire majestic WG but this is a start.

I also checked out Gangotri and went all the way to Mount Everest. Trust me it’s amazing up there! U can also view in a different angle (as the map below) which makes it more interesting. (In the map below, the white spot is Anaimudi and you can almost see Valparai and Pollachi at a distance). When viewed in this angle Mt Everest looks awesome since it is the tallest peak(*should have saved a pic*).
Now got to get back to real world with real problems and hardly any melting moments. You only sweat here: D and I turn into a sad whiner. Sorry about that.

(All images-src: Google Earth)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Just A Thought

Only A Thought