Saturday, February 17, 2007


Past two months…. not in any specific order...

-Taking a class on Int Ag Systems . I call it the United Nations class. There are 8 of us, all from different countries. The class is fun because we all get to talk a lot. We talk about our respective countries, poverty issues, gender equity, existing livelihood & conservation models, policies and everything and anything that is going on and what all can be done .We are one heck of a motivated group and we have been even meeting outside class hours to discuss possible R & D projects. So…anyone with a load of funds and wants to make a difference-please get in touch.:)

-Got to spend a week in wilderness (well almost), away from “urban” life. It was fun, peace and fresh air all rolled into one. Stayed with my friend K and his family. I was there collecting data for my project. Visited a whole bunch of farms, talked to the local farmers, attended a couple of meetings and the best part, helped K with harvesting fruits which he sells at the farmers’ market, every Friday. Besides selling fruits, K used to be a photographer with the Associated Press and has traveled all over the world, is a farmer, a pickle maker which he bottles and exports to Japan, a local farm activist , a research associate with the University, a certified chef and the world’s funniest guy. His house is a big mess and he never locks his house because he believes – “people should live the way they are supposed to live” and he also has the best kitchen in the world with a mind blowing view of the ocean. K LOVES Indian food and we had the awesome-st time cooking Indian food. He also invited a professor for dinner one day, who works at the university’s local extension office and is into the “slow food movement”. They all loved my dumb dishes so much, K wants to hire me as the chef for the new restaurant he plans to open next door. So..on the whole a great week spent with a bunch of geeks , with a potential future career option.

-I received the most interesting, lovely mail which listed out all possible synonyms for my name and this came from the "lord of the gods" himself. No less! (Oh lord! I live in a world of geeks and I love it! )

-Visited a local farm with a friend to talk to the farmer and help out my friend with some experiments she had set up in his farm. We were collecting soil water samples and talking about future plans. She told me her dream job is to work for the government, on coastal management looking into water quality and pollution control. Then it was my turn and I heard myself telling her that I would like to work with a Non-Profit organization which focuses on biodiversity conservation, livelihood and community development. At the risk of sounding pseudo-idealistic, I don’t want to work for an organization where monetary profit is the ultimate goal and an indicator of success. So.. anybody out there looking for a new recruit with the above objectives---please do not hesitate to get in touch.:)

-Re-read parts of Amitav Ghosh’s “The Hungry Tide” and can’t stop day dreaming about me visiting the Sundarbans and the possibility of a romance happening there. Lol!

-I had a not too recent post, in my blog, on this dvd called Mountains of the Monsoon and a book on the Sahyadris called Sahyadris: A Vanishing Heritage, both by Sandesh Kadur. I found them while googling “Sahyadris”, in the middle of the night. Got the biggest and the coolest surprise when da-man himself (Sandesh Kadur) left a comment in my blog. It was a goosebumps, meet-a -celebrity moment for me.

-I was reminded and am burdened by the knowledge of how ignorant I am of my own spectacular, tiny little state in the south of India. All I did was visit Rauf’s blog.

-Got invited to a friend’s place where dinner was served and the menu was ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. It was pretty cool (literally!). I have also started walking to school with the intention of losing some weight.

-A friend got back to "regular" life after a long/brief ( relative) stint with joblessness, getting drunk, travelling, girls? and rock-n'-roll. Nopes he isn't a rock star but a wannabe herpetologist who trips on rock music and recently landed a job in a company that deals with post-production activities for Hollywood movies. This also means, besides a regular job, with regular pay, with regular timings, he is also online quite regular. His first question to me (online after a long time)was -"So tell me how many times and with whom all did you fall in love or had a crush on while I was gone?" :D

-Had a good reason to laugh-out-loud (lol), when quite out of the blue, received a mail from my college freind R ( back home) who married her high-school sweetheart( for real!) and has a little daughter. She told me how she is under tremendous pressure from different sources to have a second baby. To make matters worse, her husband's younger brother and wife recently had their second baby! :D

-M and her sisters are planning to visit me and cheer me during graduation and take me back with them to chill out. I am sooo bloody excited ! Now all I need to do is graduate...dammit!

- And in between all these "happenings" Jr and K continue their valuable contribution towards maintaining some form of stability in life.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Masti Ki Paatshala!

A collage of some small and big things that caught my attention in school besides class discussions.
The building with the big concrete sculpture in front is the art department.My favourtie in the whole campus.It looks amazing after the sun goes down and the lights come out. The studio is the huge room on the first floor with glass walls. With the lights on you get to see all the easles and canvases with finished and half-finished paintings by art students.Unfortunately, none of the after dark pictures came out well.

My shadow, I thought,looked comical. My head definitely ain't that big :)

PS: I ain't that tall either