Sunday, January 14, 2007

Still Awake.

It is past midnight. Just finished sending an email. Was also plugged into, listening to songs from Guru (yet to see the movie). I already have a favourite and listening to it for the fifth time.

The lyrics go...
"jaage hain deer tak
hamen kuch deer sone do
thodi se raat aur hai
subah to hone do
aadhe adhure khwaab jo
pure na ho sake
ek baar phir se neend mein
woh khwaab bone do"
-Gulzar (Chitra & A.R.R)

How lovely, how appropriate! (Anybody who cannot read or understand hindi-it's alright. Just know that they are lovely).

And now -I must go sleep...I must go dream :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

"The Universe of Possibilities"!

"She remembered a study which had shown that there were more species of fish in the Sundarbans than could be found in the whole continent of Europe.This proliferation of aquatic life was thouht to be the result of the unusually varied composition of the water itself.The waters of river and sea did not intermingle evenly in this part of the delta; rather, they interpenetrated each other , creating hundreds of different ecological niches,with streams of fresh water running along the floors of some channels,creating variations of salinity and turbidity. These microenvironments were like balloons suspended in the water,and they had their own patterns of flow.They changed position constantly, sometimes floating into midstream and then wafting back towards the shore,at times being carried well out to sea and at others, retreating deep inalnd.Each balloon was a floating biodome,filled with endemic fauna and flora, and as they made their way through the waters,strings of predators followed trailing in their wake.This proliferation of environments was responsible for creating and sustaining a dazzling variety of aquatic life forms-from gargantum crocodiles to microscopic fish.
Now as she sat in the boat , thinking about these connections and interelation,she had to close her eyes ,so dazzling was the universe of possibilities that opened suddenly in her mind".

Src: The Hungry Tide, Amitav Ghosh