Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wish For

Wish for respite
Many uncertainties in sight

Wish for you
Wanderlust to renew

Wish for travel
Exhilaration and excitement unravel

Wish for cool winds
Embrace and whisper sweet nothings

Wish for shadows and shades
Play hide & seek and other es-capades

Wish for sites breathtaking
Wild nature awe-inspiring

Wish for mountainous splendor
Feel overwhelmed and simply surrender

Wish for forest and rain
It is romance I entertain

Wish for tranquility away from “lifez” disharmony
Amazed at nature’s paradox- harmony in cacophony

Wish for life and love
Let heart rule and time, please allow

Wishes all declared
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
(Pic:A favorite pic of a friend)