Thursday, October 19, 2006

What Do I Say?

"......I had a chat with my parents.They didnt mention anything..but I could feel their apprehension . Now one thing is sure I am going to leave this country in the coming years as I dont want to be a part of this culture...Hopless yaar....I feel it's better to be in Australia chasing kangaroos or in Ireland brewing Whiskey!So....what say u?"

This is a mail from a friend of mine ( I think his " I dont want to be a part of this culture" was a!). Anyway, he is going through a rough patch right now. Issues ranging from settling for an arranged marriage to his course work and career...etc etc.

So what do I say ? If I say the cliched -"this is just a phase yaar" ( I sound uninterested). If I say- "stay back in India" (I sound insensitive). If I say -"leave the country (and disown the culture)" (I sound like a traitor).

So, again......what do I say?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Reminder?

Mother Earth rocked me yesterday-but I was scared.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Havent seen this movie yet.Heard it's based on William Shakespear's Othello. Also heard the language isnt exactly shakespearean...plenty of crap talk in Hindi. And I know for sure the movie has a couple of lovely songs. Looking forward to seeing the movie for all the above reasons-once the mid term's out of the way.

One of my favourite songs from the movie and it goes......

O Saathire
O saathi re din dube na -
aa chal din ko roke
dhup ke peeche daude
chaav chhue na...o saathi re....
......... and the rest of the lines :)

(It's Friday the 13th....Spooky!!!)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ways Of The "Empire"

"So here we are the people of the world,confronted with an Empire armed with a mandate from heaven(and , as added insurance, the most formidable arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction in history). Here we are, confronted with an Empire that has conferred upon itself the right to go to war at will, and the right to deliver people from corrupting ideologies, from religious fundamentalists, dictators,sexism and poverty by the age-old, tried-and tested practice of extermination.Empire is on the move , and Democracy is its sly new war cry.Democracy home-delivered to your doorstep by daisy-cutters.Death is a small price for people to pay for the privelege of sampling this new product:Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (bring to a boil,add oil,then bomb)".
(Src: A.Roy's -An Ordinary Person's Guide To An Empire)

October 9 ,2006 -BBC Report:

In his first public statement, the US president said the North Korean claim "constitutes a threat to international peace and security." He said he had telephoned Chinese, Japanese, Russian and South Korean leaders, who had all reaffirmed their commitment to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.
"Once again, North Korea has defied the will of the international community, and the international community will respond," he said.

Hmmm...I wonder how the "Empire" plans to respond.

As if NK is the only country in this planet that owns and tested nucelar weapons.Dont they have rights to protect their own asses.. just like everyone else? And this way their actions are justified too.
But yes, it's a sad justification.. for everyone of us. We are no more bound by the common thread of humanity.We have disintegrated to mere citizens , belonging to nations with protected boundaries ..not by choice, but by fate. Nobody lives, everybody survives -strategising,bullying and compromising to protect theselves.