Friday, September 29, 2006

An Update

Was completely jet lagged last week which doesn’t mean I slept it out. Stayed awake yet was as useful as a rag doll.

A whole different story this week. Been working on my backlog of assignments and tackled a midterm test-part I for one of the classes. Can proudly claim that I am done with all my pending assignments for one class. A couple of friends invited me for dinner yesterday night. I declined as I was on a studying spree. Now that can pass off as a joke. Anyway, worked on the research proposal for the other class and stayed back at the Uni till 9pm. This is how the story goes.

Took me and my belongings to the Artic (read library). Spent a straight three hours and left when I started freezing. Got plenty of literature on the area but still couldn’t conceptualize my proposal. Shifted me and my belongings to my warm office with the idea of breaking my head some more over it. Due to some bizarre twist of fate I stumbled upon you tube and watched re-runs of Seinfeld and FRIENDS bloopers till 9pm and left for home.So much for breaking my head!

Today did a lot of work-work, sat through a class and did some more work on the proposal. Made some breakthrough and came up with an outline of sorts. Barged into Prof’s office and had a discussion and now I have the improved version of a research proposal outline. I never miss a chance to talk with this Prof of mine. Absolutely brilliant he is; an encyclopedia when it comes to Envtl econ and policy (discuss with him- history, theory, concepts or issues on the wouldn’t be disappointed). Sitting through his class is an awesome experience and it helps to have a dictionary in hand. I think he invented the words you find in Oxford or Websters!

Right now typing up this post and listening to Metallica’s nothing else matters. Yea right!
Got to get back to work.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Saw a Malayalam movie yesterday. After a long time, I actually sat through a whole Malayalam movie and I cried like there was no tomorrow. I was watching it alone otherwise it would have been pretty embarrassing.
The movie is Perumazhakalam. Roughly translated- Season/Time of Torrential Rains.
For me the name itself was captivating and the movie didn’t disappoint either- with it’s constant backdrop of pouring rain in almost ever scene accompanied by lovely hindustani music as background score. Rains in Kerala has a mesmerizing quality to it. I guess it’s the combination of the sounds of the rain , the wet greenery and water soaked earth. A poet might express it better..I give up!
The movie had a novel theme and it was quite good , although it can trun you into a weaping heap, especially if you have very active tear buds like me. But go ahead and watch it for rainsake.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Dream Yet To Realize.

Interposed between the sea and the plains of Bengal ,lies an immense archipelago of islands, an archipelago, stretching for almost three hundred kilometers, from the Hooghly river in West Bengal to the shores of the Meghna in Bangladesh.
The islands are the trailing threads of India’s fabric, the ragged fringe of her sari, the achol that follows her, half-wetted by the sea. The tides reach as far as three hundred kilometers inland and everyday thousands of acres of forest disappear underwater only to re-emerge hours later. The currents are so powerful as to reshape the islands almost daily-somedays the water tears away entire promontories and peninsulas; at other times it throws up new shelves and sandbanks where there were none.

When the tides create new land, overnight mangroves begin to gestate, and if the conditions are right they can spread so fast as to cover a new island within a few short years. A mangrove forest is a universe unto itself, utterly unlike other woodlands or jungles. Mangrove leaves are tough and leathery, the branches gnarled and the foliage often impassably dense. Visibility is short and the air still and fetid.

There is no prettiness here to invite the stranger in: yet, to the world this archipelago is known as “the Sundarban”, which means, “the beautiful forest” (sunder=beautiful, ban= forest). There are some who believe the word to be derived from the name of a common species of mangrove-the sundari tree, Heriteria minor. But the world’s origin is no easier to account for than its present prevalence, for in the record books of the Mughal emperors this region is named not in reference to a tree but to a tide –bhati. And to the inhabitatnts of the islands this land is known as bhatir desh-the tide country-except that bhati is not just the “tide” but one tide in particular, the ebb-tide, the bhata .

(Post Src: The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh)

So many places to travel, to explore, to see. Sundarbans is one in the list. Always wanted to go there and after reading this, even more inspired. It seems like a magical, mystical place.

PS: (I was surprised when I got only a few good images of Sundarbans from the net.)Nobody goes there or what??


Monday, September 18, 2006


August 31st 2006: My dad passed away after a brief illness. I wasn’t there.

September 2nd: I left for India.

September 5th: I saw, touched and talked to my dad for the last time. He couldn’t see, feel or hear me…I guess.

September 10th: All the ceremonies got over .I think dad got a great farewell.

September 12th: I got news that a “wonderful crazy someone” is getting married. That’s one good news.

September 13th: My pony tailed, rock music enthusiast friend told me- “I am there for you”. Not to be taken seriously ofcourse. But no matter what…it touched my heart.

September 16th: In the plane. It was a night flight and we were flying at 33,000 ft altitude. Inside, the lights were off and everyone was quiet or sleeping .After a few hours of sleep I looked out of the window. Saw the night sky dotted with stars and a particularly bright one and I swear I saw a shooting star( looked more like a falling star). So beautiful and so serene it was.

September 17th: Back, feeling bad about leaving mom alone and dreading school.