Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sunrise On The Beach

I took this picture at the beach a couple of months back. The time was between 5 -5.30am. In case u are wondering about the strange hue--this is how it was that day morning. I have not done any editing to the picture. I like this one.

This is the last post from this blog. I won’t be posting anything anymore. Probably this is a temporary phase, probably not. No Idea.
Anyway I had a good time blogging, made a few friends and would like to thank all the sweet people who took the time to read my posts and leave their comments, opinions and good wishes. Really appreciate it. Will definitely continue to visit all my favourite blogs.
Hakkuna Matata ya all!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In Love With Some Kind Of Monster.

I want out of always being afraid
In this stream of fear that I've made
Treading water full of worry
Frantic-tic-tic-tic-toc of hurry
Do I have the strength to know how I'll go?
Can I find it inside to do what I should have known?

Not my words ofcourse but could be a reflection of my state of mind.These lines are by Metallica from their song Frantic. So real and freakin passionate. Sheer poetry to may ears alright!

My finals are finally over and I had two days of vacation (technically) but in effect four days if u count sat and Sunday. Borrowed a dozen or more videos from our Uni Library and was fortunate enough to find a treasure in the heap. It’s the fairly new movie on Metallica -(Metallic-Some Kind of Monster.)

Couple of years back if somebody had told me 'you will be getting hooked to rock music', I would have given that person *u must be out of yr mind*look. But here I am , not just enjoying the music but feeling inspired by them. Listening to the few songs I have of Metallica, Alice in chain, Nirvana, Janis Joplin etc etc strikes a very passionate chord in me and if it happens to be raining or stormy outside then WOW! I feel I can bloody hell conquer the world. Its such an exhilarating, kickass experience.
Watched Some Kind of Monster twice and it was super! Got to see and appreciate the band and their music better. Was a pleasant surprise to see the softer side of the band members. When u see them performing they look so aggressive and angry, high on drugs and alcohol ,no idea what they are screaming out.On the contrary it was quite a revelation to see them make their music. Their talent is ofcourse unbelievable but more than that have u ever wondered where thier energy and passion in their music is coming from?I now believe that it is a reflection of their personal experiences, struggles, beliefs & values , their passion for music and I suppose that is what makes them unique.In other words its not all gimmicks.Ofcourse there is the drugs and the alcohol but I have a whole different theory to that which I do not care to discuss now because that would be digressing from the topic too much.

The movie, even though planned as a regular documentary,turned into a long psychological journey of healing for its band members. The band was on the verge of disintegrating- one of their long time band members Jason Newsted had left the band (or rather was asked to leave for making his own band on the side-Echobrain I think), James Hetfield (the lead singer/ guitarist) and Lars Ulrich (the drummer) were going through some suppressed anger and ego issues. Hetfield was also struggling with alcoholism (later went into rehab). Krik Hammett too, if I understood right had issues with alcoholism and the group hired a psychologist Dr Phil (not Oprah’s Dr Phil) to counsel them. Hence the documentary is a mix of group and individual therapy sessions with the members, intermingled with the making of their album St Anger, the recording sessions, playing music for the love of music, their arguments, their discussions, their agreements, the hiring of Rob Trujillo( ex-Ozzy Osbourne bassist), their personal lives and more.

It was quite an experience watching a hugely successful band like Metallica and its members with their brilliant talent and big egos trying to agree upon things and the struggles and pressures associated with balancing their professional and their personal lives.

What I understood from watching them is that most of our problems and issues in life comes down to relationships with people we are associated with. Be it rich talented musicians or be it an ordinary me..the root cause of most of our joys and distress are the relationships we develop or refrain from developing. The rich may hire professionals to counsel them and help them cope, where as ordinary me has to invent my own therapy. In life u come across instances when the people whom u love and believe like/ love you, cause u pain or vice versa. It maybe through words or actions and you are left with two options –to endure it or fix it because of the love you still feel for them or ignore each others existence and move on with your respective lives. I haven’t psychoanalyzed myself enough to present a perfect picture of how my psyche works but I like to claim that I believe more on the former option than the latter one.

Anyway this post is mostly about Metallica (lol) and I dont not wish to go off in a tangent.So bringing them back to focus…here are a few lines from their song Fade to Black.

Things are not what they not used to be
Missing one inside of me
Deadly loss this cant be real
Cannot stand this hell I feel
Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn
I was me ,but now hes gones.

A bit tragic I know…but I am sure everybody can relate to these lines to a certain extent or must have experienced this at some point in their life.I know I have.

PS: Since the viewing of the movie the author has developed a HUGE crush on James Hetfield.The author feels there is a certain calm strength(not when he is performing but otherwise) about the dude and his voice is incredible and the way he plays the guittar- Awesome ! and last but not the least, thinks he is drop dead handsome .The author understands there is no excuse for this sort of immature display of emotions but claims helplessness!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Class In Progress.....

G, our pal from Tibet was in the middle of his class presentation where he was showing us some AWESOME pictures of the Tibetan Alpine Meadows, (area of his study)…

and I pass a note to my friend M saying.. ‘I want to quit school, move to that place over there, pitch a tent and live there for ever.’

My friend M passes a note back to me saying.. “I want to quit school, move to the moon, where you don’t need a goddamn PhD or $, find a moon man, raise moon kids and grow a moon-oat farm’.

Obviously there are people in my class more frustrated with school than I!

( I guess we are all waiting to graduate , get into jobs and when the proverbial crap hits the fan we will start appreciating school life.Isnt that how it is always?) :)