Friday, March 31, 2006


This was a tag from Patty .
The exercise was pretty simple. Just had go to the music player of my choice-(I used the one in my comp-real player)shuffled (randomize) the list and which ever song popped up as the first choice was the answer to the question. I repeated the same procedure for all the Qs. For Qs 6, 10 and 13, I shuffled twice—because the first answers were either too ridiculous or weren’t my favo songs.(Its from a long list of about 250 songs both Indian ,and english and not all are my favourite songs).

I had FUN!:)

So here goes..

1. How does the world see you?
Another Brick in the wall-AIC
2. Will I have a happy life?
Sorry seems to be the hardest word-Blue
3. What do my friends think of me?
4. Do people secretly lust after me?
Drops of Jupiter-Train
5. How can I make myself happy?
Soldier of Love-Pearl Jam
6. What should I do with my life?
Lady- Modjo(not exactly my fav but don’t mind listening )
Second shuffle:-
6. What should I do with my life?
Alabama Song(Whiskey Bar)-The Doors
7. Will I ever have children?
Tera mera Pyar(= Mine and your’s love-It’s a Hindi Song)
8. What is some good advice for me?
Lose Yourself-Emenem
9. How will I be remembered?
I am walking away-Craig David
10.What is my signature dancing song
YMCA-Village People( not exactly my fav song)
Second shuffle
10. What is my signature dancing song?
11.What do I think my current theme song is?
Walk of Life-Dire Straits
12. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Free Falling-Tom Petty
13. What song will play at my funeral?
Snehidare(= Loved ones?)It’s a tamil song, and those who have seen the movie and heard the song or understand tamil might agree that it’s a terribly romantic song and I just couldn’t imagine anyone playing this song for my funeral.So I shuffled again…and guess what..
13. What song will play at my funeral
O’Sathire- (= O’friend/partner).
Its a hindi song and it also happens to be a terribly romantic song sung by Kishore kumar the awesome one! I am SOOOOOOO Spooked!
14.What type of men/women do you like?
Love Hate Love- AIC
15. What is my day going to be like?
Buffalo Soldier-Bob Marley

I tag musicmaniac, iris and ash .
And everybody else who might find this fun.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Big People -Small Space.

What do you do when you have nothing specific and original to complain about or gossip or declare? You can shut up or you can quote others.
Obviously I don’t feel like shutting I quote lines from different sources, of different people ,with different interests , perspectives and philosophies. They all made sense to me and amused me (but still made sense) and I thought it will be fun to bring them all together within this small space.

Ecologists traditionally have sought to study pristine ecosystems to try to get at the workplace of nature without the confounding influences of human activity. But that approach is collapsing in the wake of scientist’s realization that there are no places left on Earth that don’t fall under humanity’s shadow”:-Richard Gallgher and Betsy Carpenter. From the paper Human Modified Ecosystems and Future Evolution ,published in Science 2001 It was part of our reading for one of the courses.(Just clarifying that I dont read Science to kill time.)

“Power is fortified not just by what it destroys but also by what it creates. Not just by what it takes but also by what it gives. And powerlessness is reaffirmed not just by the helplessness of those who have lost ,but also by the gratitude of those who have (or think they have) gained.”:- Arundhati Roy ,From her essay - The Greater Common Good.

“If I have to choose between gossips and gospels, my preference is for gossips. They are juicier, more alive. Gossip as aesthetically as possible, as religiously as possible, gossip something beautiful and something ecstatic. It should not be mundane and ordinary like somebody has escaped with somebody’s wife. Its third rate gossip. In the first place, no woman is anybody’s wife; every woman is a woman. Husband and wife..these are social institutions and to live in an institution you have to be mad or you will become mad.”:-OSHO, From his message titled: I Have to be Offensive to Wake You Up.

“There is more to silence than keeping one’s mouth shut.You have to shut out external noises as well as the tumult within you to realize what immense power it can generate. This is the mystic value of silence.Not being a mystic ,I can only commend the virtues of silence in worldly affairs. Besides recharging ones’s inner batteries ,it has many other uses. It can be the decisive winner in an angry dialogue.Chesterton called it the ‘unbearable repartee’; Bernard Shaw described it as ‘the most perfect expression of scorn’. As still waters run deep so does a man of silence conceal what he has within him.It is truly said: Beware of a man who does not talk and a dog who does not bark’”:-Kushwant Singh ,From his book The Very Best of Vintage Sardar : The Power of Silence.

And last but not the least…

The original strip was modified due to lack of space.This is just the conversation between calvin and hobbes.
Calvin: I hate everybody.I don’t see how anyone could ever fall in love.People are jerks
Hobbes: Sometimes they are,but look at all the colors on the trees today.
Calvin: *slightly irritated* Yeah? So What?
Hobbes: I think its more more fun to see something like this with someone than just by yourself. (Calvin and Hobbes exchange glances )
Calvin: I guess so.But I’d rather see this with a tiger than a person.
Hobbes: Well that goes without saying.
Calvin and Hobbes on Love:-The genius of Bill Watterson (Src:

Friday, March 24, 2006

I Can Almost Touch Spring Break!

Exams over….and I am ready to die and go to heaven( I know.. too much overconfidence).
So gave the last test today…another killer it was. Too much stuff to go through…but its done and hopefully done well ( I know I goofed up the last bonus Q—which I realized 30 mins after I left the class *damn*).Grabbed a quick lunch and went straight to work…(oh no.. nothing to do with dedication….everything to do with getting some important stuff done else I become minced meat at tomorrow’s meeting).
And so lets just say the Spring break officially starts tomorrow and I have a couple of things planned for a week’s break like..

1)Get Bluffmaster, watch AB jr and drool big time.I already got Kannathil Muthamittal dvd..going to watch that as well for around a dozen times.
2) Ordered a book over Romantics by Pankaj Mishra.Should be getting it tomo. Planning to read that.
3) Catch some extra extra extra sleep.I know the color of the sky at 3 in the morning and its coolbut I think I don’t need the experience for sometime now.

4)My friend M’s sisters are coming down so planning to hang out with them one day. I was told the day will be dedicated to me and one of the sisters is a lawyer/ make up artist and she is going to get creative with my eyes. So that’s free makeover (eyes) and a free lawyer at my disposal just in case I am in the mood to sue somebody.
5) Might be going on a trip for two days. (Job related with two of my profs and a friend).The profs cant stand the sight of each other so it should be a fun trip.

6) Try my hand at some decent cooking and treat K , jr and probably some friends.
7) And finally just chill..and day dream of soulmate, motrocyle trips ,rains and fascinating lands!! That should be easy.:)
8) Heck I also need to work on something for school. So might set aside about three hours of my entire break. Yea that should do.

Everything said I am also the most disorganised, lazy bum God ever shall wait and see what all is going to be accomplished. There is all probability of only the seventh one happening.

And my real player is singing…..

We don't need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
(AIC ver-Another Brick in the Wall)

(Sincere gratitude to my friend V for sending the song across)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rain!Rain! Come Again..

It was raining crazy outside.See how dark and grey it looks ...and it was only 11 in the morning when I took this pic.
I know dark and grey sounds depressing but rain never does that to me.I love the whole drama behind it..the water,the wind ,the sound effects ,the lighting..the works! Pretty spectacular I say.But this time couldnt enjoy it as much.Still in the middle of the .... pool -swimming , and trying not to sink!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Swimming in a shit-pool.Right in the middle of it.I would love to crib big time and I almost did to to my friend V and he said -"now that u are in the middle of the shit-pool no point in cribbing--just try and enjoy the experience".So following his holiness's advice, planning to try and "enjoy the experience" . Shall get back to the blog world cleaned,scrubbed, disinfected...with just a hint of stink!Sorry about that folks.

(Translation :- shit-pool= mid-term exams)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The End of My(current) World.

I make big plans of visiting all these wonderful exciting places in the world like Kakkabe ,Kasargod to Tvm, Leh, Sikkim Tibet ,Mongolia ,Kenya and Amazon to name a few ... when I havent even properly explored my own neighbourhood.I am talking about my university campus!Isnt it a terrible terrible shame?
Couple of days back ,one of my friends took me to the far end of our campus where the campus grounds abruptly ends.After that its a deeply wooded area (forest ) and its seperated by a lovely fast moving stream interrupted by beautiful rocks.There is no fencing between the campus grounds and stream but its difficult to get to the stream as its about 40-50 ft down below and the slope is rather very steep. We have postponed that adventure to another day.

Anyway I was absolutely thrilled about finding this place.I LOVE forests ( after hills)and with a stream running by it was simply awesome. I dont know how to explain what I felt and would do a terrible job if I tried to unless I were a poet or something.(which I am not).
In my next trip I took my little camera along and clicked a couple of pics.I had told about this place to my friend V who has been looking forward..rather impatiently to see the pics.Last I talked to him he said something like "Put up the @#*^ ing pictures!! Hope that was polite enough for you?". Nooo!!!! was terribly impolite..but here are the pics anyway.

Nature given a High-end Manicure!!(University grounds )

Nature Wild & Free!! (AWESOME isnt it?)

(PS: The author appologises for the bad quality of the photographs and asks the forgiveness of all the wonderfully talented and creative people who may visit this blog).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In Reply...

To Rauf who wishes that India shines with cleaner roads and toilets and everything.
To Suresh who is not sure what progress really means.
To Shirin who hopes that whatever good happens, it percolates down to the last person.
To ME who is not very comfy with this whole India Shining thing.
To me who is sitting on the fence biting my nails, not sure about anything but hopeful and excited anyway.
And to everyone else who might be reading this…hope this makes sense in some way.

Yep I hope India shines with cleaner roads and toilets,and we figure out what progress really means and once that happens hope it percolates down to the last person so that people can be less doubtful and I can get off the fence and have a party. But in the meanwhile this is how things are..well atleast till two yrs back.
In Andhra--if I remember right--there was this govt scheme where the village and tribal folks(also known as the deprived, the marginalized, the economically backward and what not)were asked to build toilets!!(one each household).In return the govt would provide rice for the family for an entire year. I cant remb the name of the scheme and all the details (probably the toilet scheme or the rice scheme or maybe the toilet and rice scheme..dont know).I came to know of this from the villagers themselves who, by the way ,were given a new label “the beneficiaries”. I guess the real intention was improved sanitation a.k.a path to progress?
Now here is the funny part or is it funny? (Its better to have a sense of humor about this I say) .All their lives they have never ever used a toilet...some of them found it as repulsive as some of us would find the idea of not having a toilet repulsive. And now they were asked to build a toilet and get toilet trained .The incentive was- an years supply of rice. I suppose everyone would agree that hunger and poverty is such an evil thing it would drive anyone to do pretty much anything to get out of it. So some folks out of desperation built what looked like a three walled structure (one person could barely stand in) with a make shift door, some even managed to fix a toilet but no plumbing or drains or septic tanks or anything! Actually they had no idea how it worked…and no one had the time to tell them how to install it and get it working. Anyway , when I was there as part of some project ( as a lowly student intern ie), believing that they had met their part of the bargain these so called “beneficiaries” were still waiting for their bags of rice (paper works ….takes time u see ).In the meanwhile they continued with the way they were used to(back to nature) .lol! For some the three walled structure remained a dead monument ,for some of wonderful promises yet to be fulfilled , for some creative folks it worked perfectly well as a store room and some didn’t even bother ..simply because they couldn’t afford it.

A copule of pictures of the village I had a chance to stay.

Now…. try and imagine the absurdity of all this!!

So is this how India plans to shine?
Is this what progress really means?
Is this how everything good is going to percolate to the last person?
Is this how you get rid of doubts and apprehensions?
And is this why people like me are still sitting on the fence biting nails waiting for a reason to party?

Is the answer to all this blowing in the wind?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Out Of Focus.

I broke my glasses friday night. Thought I left it on the coffee table, but I accidentally stepped on it and it broke. Absolutely no idea how it made its way to the floor (just for the record I am slightly absentminded and careless and disorganized with occasional bouts of partial amnesia). Saturday morning I had to meet my friend at the campus to do some studying (the mid-terms around the corner u see) and there was no way I was going to postpone that to go shopping for a new pair of glasses. And so partially handicapped in my myopic condition I made my "out of focus" trip to the university

It was a long walk to my friend's dorms(she lives within the campus)and I kept myself occupied and amused playing a game. I decided to walk with a fixed smile and see how many people responded.I will be able to see once they come close enough..if they smile-GREAT! if not--No hard feelings.(The point to be noted is I will be able to smile at anyone without any inhibitions).It also dawned on me, if you chose, how convenient it was to be out of focus both literally and metaphorically speaking. Hmm.. just a passing thought ok.Besides it’s difficult to stay out of focus when you know it can be fixed and doesn’t help much when you have a nagging conscience. All that was my lousy attempt at shelling out “deep gyan”. U may ignore it...or rights reserved.

Anyway the study session went better than I expected. Tried to stay mentally focused if not visually focused and managed to cover some resource economics(its time the subject became extinct me thinks although give me Gandhian economics anyday) with a little bit of general news and gossip in between. Bought a new pair of glasses and now poor by 80 bucks!*sigh*Just finished seeing Gillli (vijay and trisha ( I know she is YOUR fav)). It has to be the silliest and the most ridiculous movie ever made..or maybe not. The makers of hidden dragon ,crouching tiger—please meet with .Ratnam(sar) (the maker of Gilli) for better action techniques and gravity defying stunts .Other than this it was the usual hero- heroine- the family and the bad-guy love (square?).I might sound sarcastic but I enjoyed the movie for all the above reasons. What does that make me—a lousy hypocrite with a free conscience? Karma! Karma!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Words The Wind Speaks?

Watched two shows on tv—both focusing India. One was a half –hour segment in Good Morning America (Diane Sawyer)and it was called India Rising…an awesome program which left me feeling proud ,with a good feeling in my heart and an extra bout of energy(ignoring the comment I made in the previous post’s comment box.).Its amazing how u feel when u get to see or hear about yr place from the outside-the awesome colors ,the variety ,the contrasts and the contradictions (like the internet café which looks like a shack from the outside ,in a slum in Delhi ,but houses a Pentium IV desktop well connected to the rest of the world).Simply amazing and incredible and sooo beautiful. I don’t mean to equate poverty with beauty …but the spirit of survival behind it is so overwhelming!. The beauty of “macountry” struck me even more once I left my apartment. Out in the street, waiting for the bus ,I sat and observed…and what I saw was pretty boring stuff. Mostly grey /white background, well dressed people most of them with coffee to go(a.k.a kickass starbucks coffee take away), except for a few who were badly dressed ,not becos they couldn’t afford it but they just wanted to be different . The only little color came either from a piece of clothing or from the rebel teenager’s hair(some painted blue, some green and some pink. I like it actually)

Back the evening saw the second program ..the Charlie Rose show ,interviewing Nandan Nilekani (Infosys CEO) and it was interesting to hear his perspective on the current big buzz-“India and China” the two fast growing economies .Its going to be a series of interviews with some of the big-wigs back home…like Ratan Tatta, Kiran Mazumdar, Shabana Azmi etc etc. Looking forward to all that .

Anyway to sum it up as one of the reporters described India “Take a bottle of champagne ,shake it well, and pop open the cork….thats India waiting to happen..and you may not want to get in the way”. That does sound cool..and I believe development is a good thing…but I just hope we don’t pay a huge price for it in the long run!

So ..thats it …me obviously feeling very patriotic…and also tripping big time on this AWESOME!! Tamil song from Kannathil Muthamittal(= A Kiss on the cheeks?).

“Vellai pookkal ulagam engum malargavey!
Vidiyum bhoomi amaithikkaga vidigavey!
Manmael manjal velichcham vizhugavey!
Malarey soambal muriththu ezhugavey!
Kuzhandhai vizhikkattumae, thaayin kadhakadhappil
Ulagam vidiyattumey, Pillayin siru mudhal sirippil…”

I didn’t know what each line meant….until I found this in some site .THE TRANSLATION!!!

“As white flowers bloom everywhere in this world,
As a war-torn world quietens for the sake of peace,
As yellow light falls on the sand,
As the flowers wake, stretching their leaves wide,
Let the children wake,In the warmth of the world,
Let the world dawn,In the laugh of the first new child,”

Would like to express my gratitude to Google for always being there for me …my reliable research assistant, my guiding link!”