Monday, February 27, 2006

A Play With Words..or Maybe Not

There are things u want ,there are things u don’t want
There are things u want
But u don’t get
There are things u don’t want
But u get (sometimes stuck with it)
There are things u want
And u can get
But these are things that u are not supposed to want.

What the Hell!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Just For the Laughs

My classmate B was sent this by her dad and we had a good laugh reading it and relating it to our project, and our big bosses the Professors(the comments in itallics)!!!

BLAMESTORMING: Sitting around in a group, discussing who was responsible for a missed deadline or a failed project (this could become an issue at our friday meetings …which never ends unless and until somebody is about to pass out…or if the Profs are desperate for ciggs )

SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves. (uh.....we didn’t want to say much ...mostly out of respect for on of our Profs!)

ASSMOSIS: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard. ( we know the type and sometimes feel like we should kick them in the ass)

SALMON DAY: The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die in the end (this happens all the time with completing totally useless shit…and we haven’t reached a consensus on who should be crowned the queen for this).

CUBE FARM: An office filled with cubicles (well in food tech – [that’s the name of our office..pls don’t go by the name as we have nothing to do with food…its just happens to be an old almost dilapidated building that originally belonged to the Dept of Food Tech and was inherited by our oh-so-posh-but no-space-left-Department and now used to house us lowly graduate students working on various projects ]we have real walls----well ki! nd of). Not totally ungrateful or anything.

PRAIRIE DOGGING: When someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see what's going on (or out of the door in our case)

MOUSE POTATO: The on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato.
(*stupid grin*-anyone who wishes to join the club…welcome)

STRESS PUPPY: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiney. (cant say much because we are both guilty as charged).

PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCE: The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again (office space....for me it's the damn comp mouse and the stapler and for B it's the stapler)

And these are a couple of pics that was sent to me by my friend K.I am sure many of us can relate to this as well…

Organisational Hazzards!

Boy!! All that crap!We are the grad assistants and no prizes for guessing where we are perched??Hope everyone reading this has a good break from the work day ...we definitely got some chuckles out of it . Now I got to go and clean off some crap!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


There is something nice and pleasant and comforting about sitting alone , under a tree, blue sky, gentle breeze et al , (having lunch) and listening to one of your favorite songs. For a short moment of time all your worries, all your fears, all your insecurities disappear. Just for a short moment …but it feels perfect! I know for sure becos I am typing this sitting under the tree ,having just enjoyed that moment.
Conclusion: Complete bliss is possible although it doesn’t last very long.
Reminded of Osho’s lines “True love is only momentary….but what a moment!”

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Deja vu!(or something like that)

There are certain days when you feel like a complete nitwit---a jackass---an idiot.Today is (once again)the day for me. See what I mean....

(Src: Friday,Oct 21,2005)

Deja vu = the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously

Au Revoir!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Paradise !...But I Wasnt There.

This has to be one of the most beautiful/charming places on this planet?I certainly think so..and as I told my friend I can live the rest of my life under that lamp-post(sounds unrealistically romantic?..well I am unrealistically romantic).He said he could do the a seperate hut ie*grin*.He didnt say that specifically but I know him better than any of u guys reading this post just take my word for it.Apparently the scenery beyond ,covered in mist and darkness is spectacular and I have a pretty reliable imagination so not disppointed at all.
The Story...

A couple of my friends had gone for a trip over the weekend.Yep without me..and they will never know the joy of my company.Such a shame. Anyway they went to this place called Kakkabae..some where close to coorg(cant remb if it comes after or before coorg).I have heard enough from my friend V who never stops bragging about the place and the number of trips he has made to that place.So this time along with another friend R(who is single and ready to mingle )and a couple of their friends made the trip (without me*sigh*.I know I am repeating myself..pls bear).They apparently had an awesome time.R took these pictures and sent them across ..for me to drool over(thank u very much..but again such a waste without me..oops!)
The Tragedy Of It....

Its a bit tragic really.Here I am desperate to go and explore these awesome places and all I am getting to do is drool at pictures and be happy with that.I honestly dont think life is treating me fairly.Anyway I dont want this to be a total crib I say..I am really happy that my friends had a good time (although without me ...*sigh*)and hopefully someday if I dont die or anything or if I dont kill myself(ME where the hell is that German Pistol) I might get to see paradise for real....and I know for sure I will be alone.I have turned into such a drama queen havent I?

(PS: all that talk about death and killing myself...just kidding.I seriously lack courage..and I also think it would be a huge loss to this world.*grin*.The weekend was terribly depressing and bits of them are still lingering sure it will pass.)
Queries concerning the photographer or the place in the photograph can be directed to me and i shall pass it on to R,although a bit "reluctantly.No offence intended to either parties.

Monday, February 20, 2006

How About A Blank Title?

Ok so I am confused at this point of time.
I am not very thrilled with whatever I am doing.
I don’t like where I am
I could compare myself to the less fortunate (such a cliché) but I don’t care to do that.
I feel (at this moment) like one of the less fortunate so there is nobody to compare to anyway.
I don’t have anything to turn to-to make me feel music,no people ,no nothing.
I don’t feel like turning to any of the above even if they were available.
I think I should be doing something else.
Like- retire to the hills and sell flowers and fruits , learn to bake and hug trees(lol…my friend N always does that)
If I feel so strongly about it then why the hell am I sticking around?
Probably becos it sounds unrealistic? But why is it so unrealistic? I am not sure at all.
Is it becos I lack the courage? Is it becos I am afraid to lose the security of the status quo.
But funnily enough and honestly speaking I don’t feel secure anyway.
I know for sure I am not living the moment, but living for the future.
And I don’t even know if I’ll have a future.
I want to take a one-way ticket (Rouf inspired) and leave.
I also don’t want to return even if I run out of money.
I know for sure I don’t sound very happy.
Maybe becos I am not.
I want to kill myself (ME where can I get that German Pistol?) that was a joke.(bad joke for sure)
I sound pathetically depressed.
Thank God for my doesnt talk back!
Everything said….I need to get back to the grind.Oh hell!

Friday, February 17, 2006

And So..

I am sitting at the library, freezing my butt off! This place is like the bloody Arctic! No idea why they have to freeze the place down.(Hello!! How about saving some energy?!?) Anyway.. here I am, at the Hamilton, almost turning into a Penguin(well at least they r cute) …NOT studying …but typing this post and listening to this awesome music(ear phones on ofcourse). Its tamil…one of AR.Rahman’s old numbers..from the movie gentleman(oh pls don’t go by the name of the movie—the songs are tooo good!!) .My favourite---playing in a loop( as always) goes…

En veettu thottaththil. poovellam kaettuppar
En veettu jannalkambi ellamae kaettuppar
En veettuthu thennangeetrai ippoadhae kaettuppar
Un paerai chollume

SPB(the awesome SP Balasubramaniam) should be banned… His voice is awesome enough and the fact that he is singing in tamil isn’t helping at all. I am sooo in love with this language…and sooo in love with the way its spoken(generally speaking). The song is triggering thoughts in me which is more destructive than constructive, more illogical than logical ,more inconceivable than conceivable ....
I really dont know who this person is yet..but-I miss you , I love you ,I want to hang out with you.
and…all I can do is put up this post, sit back, take a deep breath and exhale.Don’t I sound like the silly-mushy-sloppy drama queen now!?! Yea I know I do..
Must get back to frying fish (a.k.a assignment).

Three hours later….
Back home:

Just finished watching Motorcycle Diaries..for the fourth/fifth time. Awesome movie—and I say anyone with wanderlust should watch the movie. Quite inspiring...quite fascinating.
I am planning to buy a copy of the movie---for continued inspiration. And someday I’ll set off on an awesome journey too and who knows , probably I might end up writing my own motorcycle diaries bad English, typos et all …but it will be one heck of an inspiring book.
Must learn to ride a motorcycle before that *grin*..although I am not sure how long I’ll last if I were to ride. I am a dangerous driver—nothing to do with rash driving but everything to do
lousy driving!! Maybe if there is an equally inspired motorcyclist available out there somewhere .... .
To stop with a slice of the movie..the movie starts off with these lines:-
“This isn’t a tale of heroic feats
Its about two lives running parallel for a while
With common aspirations and similar dreams “
Ernesto Guevera (a.k.a Che Guevera)1952
Soooo……what say PARDNER!!!...(whoever …wherever….. u r!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Its Over!!

The big news of the day is I am done with my first Calculus Mid-Term.Phew!!
Now if somebody were to ask me how did the test go .I would say:- there wasn’t any Q that I didn’t know or wasn’t sure how to answer ,but as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I can be pretty absentminded and miss a sign here, an exponent there, a number here or there. Also the paper was sooooooooooo long..I took exactly 1 hr 15 mins to complete it(that was the allotted time). Started exactly at 10:30:01am and completed my last problem at exactly 11:44:59.In other words I had no time to re-check my answers. And I have no idea how many goof ups I have committed and therefore I leave my answers to the good lord above and pray that I get them all right.*Hari Om*

With the test out of the way ..a good amount of weight is off my shoulders…but there are still other fish to fry( nopes I am not a vegetarian…*bad joke*). Have to start working on them right away. I know I sound like a total nerd…but believe me I am not. My ass is on line and if I don’t maintain a certain standard , then there goes my funding. So it’s a lot of pressure.The whole idea of learning appeals to me a lot …but the whole idea of studying does not.*sigh*.But life doesn’t throw many choices ..does it?
For example…I love to sit in one of my classes..and given a chance I would love to give all my attention to that particular course ..becos I find it absolutely fascinating and also(an equally big reason) the professor Dr Bru is simply awesome( and gorgeous if I may add). He is a bundle of energy and is soo enthusiastic about the subject and is so approachable, its hard not to get influenced by it all. So the point is …I believe I am learning something in this course and its great ..but since I HAVE to STUDY Calculus and this other course on resource economics(another weird stuff invented by man…I hate the course and I hate all economists ..well except my guide) I think my life sucks and I want to kill myself. Naah…just kidding.
Anyway I have no clue what this post is about---the woes of a grad student?.. if it is..then I feel the topic is getting redundant…so to change the subject…I got news that a couple of my friends back home are going on a weekend trip.*sigh*.Wish I could join them…but since I cant and since I have a reasonably good fertile imagination I shall stay contented day dreaming about how it would have been. Meanwhile I wish them all a great trip and hope that they have the good sense to take the camera and click some pics.

BTW isn’t it one of those Silly- Mushy-Sloppy Days today? Yest evening ,out of the blue ,K wished me a Happy Silly- Mushy-Sloppy Day..which was as surprising as a bolt of lightening on a clear summer day …and then today morning while watching the morning show he realized that the “day” was only today and he went …"Oh its only today…and I wished u yesterday...”.He almost sounded apologetic..or maybe I havent recovered from my shock yet . I also got an e-card from this stranger-friend S. Quite a surprise it was. I met him through the blog-world—pretty nice ,decent guy…although cant claim to be a close friend (hence my surprise). Recently in love with this girl---wished him back an awesome Silly- Mushy-Sloppy Day. And ofcourse …hope everyone has or had a Happy Silly- Mushy-Sloppy Day.
That’s it I guess except for—Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong broke up. Another big love story dies a sudden death.*roll my eyes*.I sure miss Romeo and Julliet!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Was ...Weekend Is...

...Over! Studied a lot ,ate a lot of JUNK food , listened to some awesome music and saw a movie Oliver Twist( the latest—Roman Polanski vers).
Studied out of necessity and since its not the same as learning… wasn’t a happy experience through out. I survived staying high on caffeine ( alternated btween tea and coffee and so many cups of them..I was bordering on substance abuse) ,and chatting with some friends in between and ofcourse plenty of JUNK food alternating with organic
Listened to some amazing rock n’ roll. Basically picked four of my fav songs,put them in a loop and listened to them over 'n over 'n over again. This time around it was Nutshell (AIC),Sweet Leaf(Black Sabbath),Black(Pearl Jam) and Stairway to Heaven (Led Zep).Currently Sweet Leaf is on and I can hear these lines…

My life was empty forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear

Soon its going to be Black,with Eddie-awesome-Veddar singing his heart out....

I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life,
I know you’ll be a star
In somebody else’s sky, but why
Why, why can’t it be, why can’t it be mine

And I can totally relate to these lines.*sigh*…becos I KNOW U .whoever you are..can never be…

I don’t know why I listen to these songs when all it makes me feel is long for something that is never going to happen. Not sure—but maybe I find some comfort in the longing-ness….
Well….whatever.. a “Nutshell”…

We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight
And yet I fight
This battle all alone
No one to cry to
No place to call home I sound like a serious sob-story…but things aren’t so bad. Life is good and has the potential to be even better.A great week ahead to all.

(PS: Oliver Twist…huge disappointment—although the visuals were pretty neat me thinks.)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mr Pringles Goes Nerdy!

I have one test and a difficult assignment submission coming up next week..tons of studying and research to do ,so stocked up on munchies.Grad student's survival strategy for tough times(a.k.a- excuse to eat junk food).Picked up a tin of Pringles chips..and to my surprise each chip is printed with Guinness world record info.A bit freaky actually.Anyway, gobbled up some records trivia (literally!!) and decided to put it in my blog.Dont know if pringles has come out with similar print versions earlier--but this is my first time.

The trivia printed on the chip is: How long are the tentacles on the world's largest squid?The answer is given upside down: 35 feet.

I also bought a nice slice of watermelon(organic that too)... *grin* .Not totally self-destructive afterall.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not Eerything In This Magical World Is As Bright (Lovely)As It Seems

I could be talking about life in general but today I am making a point on the art of gift giving

Some people are so good at it…finding the right gift, for the right occasion , the right moment, the right price ,the right everything and the person at the receiving end feels overwhelmed with joy and happiness and surprise and excitement, and soon it spreads and the same emotions gets to the giver and then we have one nice , happy ,excited set of people. Ok so this is the typical scenario when you give someone a gift.
Well…not so in my case. I am convinced I totally lack the art of gift giving. My intentions behind giving gifts are pretty sweet and simple…I really like this person or love this person and I want him or her to feel real special and loved and liked a little more than usual with that extra little power of a gift .I also secretly hope to experience all the emotions I described above…for both me and them. But in reality these are some reactions I have received form my lovely loved ones.

Lets start with my parents.

Mom: My gifts to my mom has mostly been “saris” and everytime I have bought them this has been her usual reaction. “Why did you have to? So how much did u pay for this?”.(and I tell her ..well I have to)..and then she would go.."you paid so much for this sari!…you will get for half the price in Jayalakshmi!. Besides this wont suit me….it looks more suitable for younger people…maybe you should take it.” ( She wont even fake a little excitement and happiness .Also don’t get the wrong msg—I don’t buy here super duper expensive saris…usually it’s nice ,lovely Bengal cottons ).
I gave up on buying her saris but have tried other things---like the cool looking wood and steel pepper mill for which she said “we don’t use much pepper now “.lol! Then there was the shampoo I bought her-which she didn’t like for some reason it was de-promoted to the kitchen wash area to clean the sink for a fresh shine and a nice lovely fragrance! lol!

Dad : I haven’t bought that many gifts for my dad. I remember buying him a leather belt and a wallet ..for which he seemed more amused than pleased. He said a thank you ,but he did use them without giving any smart comments like my mom. Besides those two things anything else I have bought him … he would take it, say a thank you and then would casually throw in a “why do you waste your money like this?”.Hmmm…now this I find a bit tricky because I am not sure what he actually means.:- You dont ahve to buy me gifts...this is so overwhelming…but please don’t waste your money, or I really don’t need this but I will take it and indirectly hinting “why do u waste yr money buying me useless stuff?”. Now a days I buy him only one thing---candies! and I may have hit the bulls eye here…not sure though.

My Cousins

The sisters: I don’t know if its just plain attitude or they really aren’t that excited about receiving gifts …but every time I have given them a gift…they would take a peek ,give a huge smile---and a big thank you and shelve the packet. Sometime they don’t even open it. God !!! so frustrating!!! I cannot imagine how a person can leave a gift unopened without checking what it is right away. I would have gone into a crazy frenzy ,ripped opened the package and tripped on it big time.*sigh*.Is it because they possess extreme self-control or is it because I am giving them and they don’t really expect!! Never sure!!

The brothers: Their usual reaction is "next time don’t buy …just give us the money”…and I pretend to be angry and they all have a good laugh ,say a big thank u and we all have a good laugh and after that the gift is forgotten and its time to move on. Now which part of the whole exchange they truly meant still remains elusive.


I know my friends (the closest ones ie) pretty well and know what their tastes are…but finding them the right gifts---bloody frustrating !!!I have had comments like:-

Oh wow a CD---thx yar—but I already have this one…or hey u should listen to this other guy—he is super. -End of story.

Or ..JC!(Jesus Christ)…that’s a big bar of chocolate…thx re…but I am trying to cut down on chocolates .Just sticking to chocolate cake .End of story.

Or…wow---u bought the whole shop or what?…what am I going to do with all this stuff. You gone crazy or what ? But thx ok. End of Story.

And I can give you endless examples. Now to make matters worse…these same lovely loved ones have told me wonderful stories about how somebody else surprised them with the perfect gift they simply cannot stop talking about. And last but not the least, there are those occasions when I have bought things on request---and they have told me I am their God form now on(or something in those lines)…lol. But really, what’s the big excitement for me here and it doesn’t require any talent either.
Soooo… I conclude- gift giving is a talent and I don’t have that talent among others. Is that a big L on my forehead??*sigh*

PS: I don’t mean any disrespect to any of my lovely loved ones. All said in good humor and even more love and dumb gifts to all!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Deshu a.k.a D' a.k.a Kickass!

Not in the best of moods today and to add fuel to the fire I saw -D'company.A total KICKASS,oozing with attitude ,gangster movie.Just what I needed to see.I feel I too can kick- some -asses now...with enough force that it hurts.Or maybe they can all go to hell.

I also made some kickass "sambar"..(self-assessed ofcourse).I ate it with Upma!If my mom had even suggested this combo I would have left home for good...but today I ate like a starving pig.As I said the sambar was soooper...anything would have tasted good with it.

BTW-Randeep Hooda Rocks!

This is an incomplete post..I want to say some more...but right now feeling sleepy...or maybe this is it..I dont know.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Its "Happy Friday"!

Bombed in my Calculus quiz... I am sure one of my answers is wrong and the mistake was soo stupid I fear the prof might wonder how the hell I got the other answers right...if I get the other answers right ie.I know my methods are right--but I am so brilliant when it comes to being absentminded I can never be sure if I missed a sign somewhere or even a number.Anyway since life must go will go on. ???
It was G's birthday.Her cousin who is also in our class arranged a party in our office.Got her a card and chocolate.Didnt have the time to buy her a decent b'day present ,nor buy any food as contribution towards the party buffet before hand.So today after the Quizz ,made a mad rush to the nearest convenience store ,bought a goofy card ,a chocolate bar and a box of Sprite.L was bringing the cake, G was bringing icecream, J was bringing muffins ,D was bringing scones ,M was bringing chips...which left me with not much of a choice to buy any solids(especially from a convenience store).So I bought 12 cans of sprite..that came in a box and I had to walk back carrying the bloody thing.What the hell was I thinking?!?.Anyway after two rounds of cake and icecream I was high on sugar and things were looking pretty nice and bright and we all had a good time. Chatted with D and we discussed cricket, scones and accents (he liked the way I said Fosters..said I sounded very British *grin*).And there was J who never ever misses a chance to tease me and we ended up flirting silly with each other and he also happens to be!Is it weird ?...I dont know.
Today is happy firday--thats the first friday of the month and in downtown-where all the art galleries are , they hold art exhibitions with free wine and cheese.I have never done the rounds but some of my buddies have tried it out before. They actually managed to cover all the galleries and got resonably drunk on free wine before they hit home. A typical Uni crowd thing to do I guess.I couldnt go last time and couldnt go today happy friday hopefully and ofcourse I am going for the art.
Planned for some serious group study tomorrow.Have to wait and see if we update our course work or general news and gossip.I need to rest my tired brain and be all set for either of them.
All have a good weekend.

Friday, February 03, 2006

My Dil Goes Mmmm....

First of all appologies to ME in case u feel I stole yr title idea and if u do hopefully we can settle matters outside court.
Back after a short break although I dont have anything specific to make an entry about.Nothing significant happening unless I decide to include the deadlines met at work,the assignments submitted,the papers read and not enough studying done.Naah....all mundane activities.
Not sure if I can claim I was busy ... mostly feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff happening around me and everything that has to be done and its difficult for me to think of something fun or do something fun to make myself feel happy and light-hearted in between all these .But guess what?.. I did find something.Well ,actually somebody else found it and suggested it and I decided to check it out and now it pretty much brings a smile on my face and a fresh bout of energy everytime I check it out.Its a song and its the title of my post(not the DJ Aqeel version but theoriginal version).
Thanks to ME for mentioning it in his blog and for me to check it out. Its such a delightful little song.Nothing too deep and emotional about the song.Just simple ,funny lyrics that brings out the silly side in you.And being silly is like therapy for me.It sure gets rid of dull phases..and brings back some enthusiasm to/for/in life.A bit of twisted logic perhaps...but it seems working well for me.So everytime I feel dull ..My Dil Goes Mmmmm.
Karti hoo jab usse baatain
Lagta hey sone waala hai
Soke jab jabbhi woh jage
Lagta hai rone waala hai. silly