Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Incompetent Me!

There was nothing at home to the sense none of the basic stuff with which u can cook up something..atleast nothing Indian.. like dal ,chaval..So what did I do ??..I cooked Italian!! I cooked Chicken Alfredo Florentine ie Creamy Alfredo Sauce with white chicken and spinach and Fettuccine… was a disaster.*sigh*The Fettuccine(a kind of flat and thick Pasta) became too dry and rubbery, the sauce had all but evaporated and the chicken was burnt at a couple of places. And now for the real incompetent part.I didn’t make the food from scratch.Its one of those microwaveable lean gourmet stuff u get packed and ready at the supermarket.*embarassed*.Seriously ..I felt so dumb.Cant even manage to follow instructions and warm up ready made food!!Gees!!
I actually feel like blaming my stupid microwave for the disaster but I think I’ll take the responsibility this time and maybe do a better job next time.The only gud part was it didn’t cost much and it wasn’t completely in-edible(only because I somehow ate it….well, most of it….….better than staying hungry!).
Met up with some friends(Indian) at the Uni . Being the most recent India returnee there was a lot of catching up to do.It was fun!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Being Alone

Had a busy day.Busy in the sense..had a quizz today.The prof(alien language!) takes the class in the speed of light and so there is always loads to study.The class is preceded or followed by tons of reading material(which we are supposed to go through).So since the quizz was to be in the afternoon I spent the whole day studying .Guess what..the quizz didnt happen.Its gonna happen two weeks from now.Anyway gud that I did some studying or else things would have piled up.BTW todays class wasnt all that bad. I think I'm catching up with the prof.*touch wood*

I am back home.Its fun to be living alone...but I have become such a lazy bum!! Laundry piling up,dishes in the sink,I barely cook, and all I do when I am at home is to tap on the keyboard and listen to music(right now listening to ye jo des hey tera swades hey tera--tuje hey pukaraa...wonder who sang it..who ever it is has done a great feelin patriotic and all. Well, whatever it is --I am enjoyin it.Just watched a movie.Some french movie with english sub-titles.It sucked big much that I dont even want to name it here!!

Thinking of my friends and family.Hope they are all doing great.(Cant people call up and find out if I am alive or not!!! )*sigh*

Saturday, August 27, 2005

All In A Day

The day started off a bit sad.Got reprimanded by this old gentleman( at the clinic for not bringing my ID for the chest X-ray. Promised him to bring it when I come to collect the results but even then he remained sulking.*sigh*
Sat through another of that class where the Prof speaks an alien language. Towards the end I was on the edge of desperation/frustration ..u name it.Class over we all headed for the grand welcome and come back party organized by the department.Thats when I got talking with a couple of my classmates and found that everyone was pretty much in the same boat as I was. It really is a tough course is the general opinion.Phew! what a relief to hear that!!
Back home watched this movie Hotel Rwanda.Awesome movie..but depressing….and its supposed to be a true story and that makes it even more depressing.People killing people/genocide …I just don’t get it..I mean how is it much hatred for ones own fellow beings!!Somebody explain.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Disaster Day

The bombshell that R dropped yest actually worked. It was terribly upsetting for me to the point that I had to cut short the conversation or else I would have positively embarrassed him.I had to go to class after that and disaster struck there too.Things were going pretty ok until the Prof dropped a question on me.First of all I didn’t get the question which was embarrassing enough and then after she repeated I stared at her for a couple of seconds which was worse than embarrassing and then finally I gave her a silly answer.Ok, it wasn’t completely wrong but it wasn’t completely right either.*sigh*.
Anyway coming back to the upsetting issue…I must say I am in love with R’s attitude(under the circumstances ie).He remains unaffected and don’t care as ever. He sure is a weird specimen but a “good” weird specimen .So I hope the best for him, pray for him, and support him too-(this is optional).
I needed some distraction and there is this telugu song ..its something like “nuvu ,nuvu etc etc etc”.Currently listening to it….fourth time in a row!Yea I have this OCB(obsessive compulsive behaviour) when it comes to songs.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cant Think Of A Title.

Aagin not as regular as I like to be with my blogging...but I am trying.
It feels strange to have joined school again.Walking around the Uni,being a part of the campus life is all fun and interesting...but when it comes to the real purpose of my being there ,which is studying/learning..I am slightly sacred...reasons being-wandering mind,rusty brain,impatient nature etc etc .Already attended three of which was like being in a sci-fi horror flick.I am sure the prof spoke an alien language.Its one of the core courses and there is no chance of dropping it I as well try and fig out the alien language that the Prof speaks.Well I do plan to work my ass off..but I wouldnt mind some divine intervention occassionally.God r u listening?

Talked with R today and he dropped a bomshell..more like an atom bomb.I lost my power of sensible conv for a while and got a curt reminder from our pal that I was spoiling his mood.Ok..well maybe he is right...but I got a bit upset/shaken up/worried(a combo of all three perhaps) and I reacted under the circumstances.R asked me to chill but I couldnt...I mean maybe its my nature ...I cant chill when a bomb is dropped on me( well who can??...maybe R can ..but he is a weirdo so no point in counting him with the rest of the population).I have to either sit and talk it out which is what I was doing and it backfired or else I have to silently sit and bite my non-existant nails , worry and pray real hard...which is what I ended up doing!
As to how I can worry so much over what R said..well there may not be enough space in the server for that story!!

Got a mail from V..after a loooong time.He said he missed talking to me.Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!
Anyway it was nice to hear from him.I had asked R to pass on a hi to him which is probably why he send me a mail-(just an assumption based on simple logic!).

Monday, August 22, 2005

Back to Blogging!

I really thought I was motivated enough to post everyday in my blog but its been more than three months since I last posted.*embarassed*.Anway I know I wasnt missed by anyone but nevertheless I am back ,back from holidays,back to school,back to uncertain and tough times!*sigh*
I reached the US of A after a looong journey of 18hrs and nothing interesting happened except for this movie I saw-Madagascar which is hillarious!!!! and this taaaaall(he is really tall -trust me) gorgeous looking(he is really gorgeous-trust me) guy sitting behind me who helped me with my bag into the overhead shelf.Self-consciousness and a bit of shyness overtook me and I managed a thank you without looking at his face...gees!!*somebody kick me*.After settling in I went through my department brochure for a while and then slipped into a deep snooze .Ages later,gorgeous guy forgotten , returning to my seat after a trip to the loo our pal attempts a conversation with me.Me almost went *bloody hell*...but kept a straight face(eh..I hope so).He said he noticed me reading Univ brochure and asked me if I was joining the place, undergrad or grad prog etc etc .I gave him a brief reply and slid into my seat*somebody kick me again*.End of conversation!Couple of hours later the Chinese guy sitting next to me goes off someplace and our pal attempts conv again(this time through the gap bewteen the seats). He wanted to know if I'll be staying at the dorms(*sigh* I wish!)...told him no.Chinese guy returns...end of conversation!!I am not sure why I behaved the way I behaved.I guess I became too self-conscious because of his good looks which was really stupid.I mean...didnt someone wise say "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!".So who knows ..probably he found me drop dead gorgeous too!*grin*Anyway it was a weird conversation and didnt go well at all...sad!*sigh*.

Its monday tomorrow and I am going to be real busy..especially this week with- meeting with the Prof,registering for courses,paying tuition*ouch*getting the student id ,health check up,and in between all these checking out the other newbies like me.*grin*.
Well ,I need to snooze now as I am still running on IST...shall post more regularly.(its a promise to self rather than a claim to others).